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Quicksave crash completely corrupted my save... but the game doesnt know it.

I crashed while quicksaving just outside De'Arnise Hold. When I returned to the game, the quicksave loaded and everything appeared to be in order, so I didn't see any issue with continuing... I assumed the save was made successfully before the crash.

As I continued, several hours later, I discovered my scroll cases had been cleared out. I figured it must've been a result of the crash, but its a small loss in the grand scheme of the game, so I played a little more. I didnt see the real corruption until I tried to leave the area, and the only place it would let me go was the city gate. The NPC interaction played again as if I'd never been there, and everywhere I go is newly highlighted blue as if I've never been there. NPCs I've already quested for are approaching me again for them, such as Gaelen Bayle (Coo.).

Anyway, a few hours of play lost, but I've been gaming too long to cry about it. Just wanted to bring up the suggestion of some kind of... safeguard against letting you load a save that's corrupted.



  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,604
    @Devilfish‌ when this happened in the original game there was a tempsave folder (or something like that) created. Would you be able to check both the documents and install locations to see if this exists for you.

    & could you zip/attach a save from after the point of crash as it might help in determining whether the situation can be detected. Appreciate your original quicksave is likely to have gone but any after that point may help.

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