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Would rather have IWD3 than a BG3 (or new IP if license-fail)

YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
Assuming that Overhaul will deliver a stable & sensible IWDEE and continue patching BGEE/BG2EE they will have assembled a decent base of supporters. So, *if* they have license to produce more D&D titles, I'd rather see their efforts in:

- D&D edition "2.5" - 3.5 (i.e. IWD2 level rules or later; but not 4E et al.)
- NO BG3! (That's a deadend, boy & girls.)
For example, IWD3, i.e., a frozen north adventure with a new party, will work splendidly.

If The Suits (WoC, Atari, or whoever is the reigning bastards these days) are proving uncooperative with licensing, make us a nice new isometric CRPG with DECENT WRITING instead. We'll buy it, especially if it also has a balanced combat & magic system. (Isn't Pathfinder easy to license & use?)


  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,419
    Thank you.

    I'm all for Icewind Dale III, or a Pathfinder RPG. And 5E doesn't seem bad. More 3.5E than 4E.

  • DazzuDazzu Member Posts: 924
    edited September 2014
    I just want Beamdog to prove they can do more than just update/mod. Make a new game with infinity engine, because it's great, but show the immersive creativity that IE games are known for!

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  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    Actually, I'd rather have them not do a new engine: that's a recipe for disaster.

    If you must do a brand new game, license a stable engine:
    e.g. Unreal engine for an isometric game would work wonders, if they can make good content.

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414

    What about a different setting, instead? Forgotten Realms has plenty of places to set a game in: Faerûn is a big continent, after all... what about Rashemen? Or Thay? Or another region?

    Baldur's Gate 3: The Legend of Boo!

  • DazzuDazzu Member Posts: 924
    edited September 2014

    What about a different setting, instead? Forgotten Realms has plenty of places to set a game in: Faerûn is a big continent, after all... what about Rashemen? Or Thay? Or another region?

    It could be set in the Koch Brother's corrupt and greedy office for all I care, I just want some Infinity Engine adventures that aren't just updated remakes.

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,332

    What about a different setting, instead? Forgotten Realms has plenty of places to set a game in: Faerûn is a big continent, after all... what about Rashemen? Or Thay? Or another region?

    I'm all for a different setting, but I'd like to suggest a wider view here as well. Besides Faerûn, pre-Spellplague Toril is/was full of interesting continents that all scream for a come-back.


    Even though I can't stand the heat, I wouldn't mind seeing a shaman/druidic/tribal centered isomentric cRPG located in Osse, or the eastern parts of Zakhara.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,982
    edited September 2014
    IWD3 or set in another place like around the Moonsea or Calimport

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,264
    edited September 2014
    I want it all. :-)

    I disagree with the assertion that BG3 is a "deadend." I want BG3. And I am sure it will be made (whether by Beamdog or another company). I assume it will be set in current FR, and will pick up with the return of Bhaal in BG city with ties-in to the legacy of the Bhaalspawn saga. I can't imagine that Edition Next won't be used for such a game.

    Will it be a direct continuation of the BG saga? No. If that's what is meant by "deadend," I agree that the story of Gorion's Ward is basically finished; although some plot elements for a new tale about Bhaal's return can still have been set in motion by those events.

    In addition, I would love to see a totally new game set in FR as well. I don't envision WotC agreeing to use a retro ruleset for it, or using a pre-Spellplague FR as its setting, though.

    But here is what I would most like to see:

    WotC allows Beamdog to release brand new full-fledged adventures as DLC for BG[2]EE using the revamped EE Infinity engine that begin as seemingly independent of the BG series story. These adventures would amount to brand new games even if smaller in scope than the BG trilogy. They would be set pre-Spellplague and (obviously, as BG[2]EE DLC) use the EE Infinity ruleset. These would be at about the scope of expansions such as ToSC or Watcher's Keep. Note that we have seen this already with Black Pits does as a standalone adventure as well. So let's see this done for many new adventures set anywhere in Toril taking place roughly around the same time as the BG saga. Heck, I would even love to see a BG series prequel like that! (Released via several installments.)

    So basically these would be expansions that extend outside of the main story, but are still related to the main plotline with Bhaal. It would not be hard at all to dream up adventures that seem at the start unrelated to Bhaal's scheme but it turns out do have a bearing upon the Bhaalspawn plot; and are set in locations anywhere on Toril. The fun would be the revelation given at the end of the adventure as to how it connects to the overarching BG story! Such tales might even be woven together, i.e., sometimes share plot threads. Through such stories the writers build outward from the center to give more depth, breadth, and backstory to Bhaal's overall scheme to resurrect himself by sowing his mortal progeny. Create a richer overall backdrop. (This is what I expect to be done for LotR and Star Wars in the coming decades.)

    I think if they are well developed enough these stand-alone adventures could easily sell for $10-20 each. Beamdog is mainly just having to create new areas in terms of labor. Creatively of course this content must consist of entertaining stories with great characters and use well realized fresh sub-settings of FR. But I trust that Beamdog can deliver that.

    Anyway, I should think Beamdog could churn these out for at least good decade to come. This sort of DLC would help keep a new generation of consumers interested in buying BG's EEs. And it might actually end up being more lucrative for a small company than BG3 (although what developer wouldn't lick their chops at the chance to make BG3?)

    I should add that depending on who makes BG3 and what type of game it is (e.g., it might end up being 3D and a MMORPG for all we know), Beamdog's Infinity engine DLC for the EEs could well end up being a far better product.

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