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Will we be able to rest in the final section of Dragon's Eye?

In the original game (without HoW installed), you could rest in this area. When HoW is installed, you can't. Hopefully, when the enhanced edition comes around, we will be able to rest here. It's just so annoying to have to go back to Marchon of Waterdeep each time I want to rest.



  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    Ugh, I hated having to backtrack all the way back... So when I learned of the teleporr cheat, I was so happy!

  • The_New_RomanceThe_New_Romance Member Posts: 839
    I think it fits the theme of the final dungeon floor where a projection of the boss (plus seven million elite Yuan-Ti) stalks. I know I couldn't get to sleep there.

  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
    Well you could argue that being able to sleep in a lot of places actually would not make much sense.

    So I would see it just as a gameplay shortcut of actually having to walk all the way back where you can rest.

    People who find that it makes no sense to rest on that floor still can just refrain from doing so even it was possible.

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    You couldn't rest in the temple or whatever it was on the level above either. Then you had the blasting skeleton area where you would constantly would be surprised by cold wights.
    Thank God they were so easy to kill :)

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,348
    I have a story about this area. After having played the game for many years, at one point for some reason the game started to crash whenever one of my parties entered Dragon's Eye. It happened every playthrough and I didn't really have a good way to deal with it. So what I did was uninstall Icewind Dale and reinstall it. However, there was some error that made HoW uninstallable, so I just decided to play the totally vanilla IWD. When this was all happening, I had been in the middle of my six pure mages playthrough, so I continued it and I was now able to get into Dragon's Eye. When I got up to that final section of it, it was a real pain in the butt because I didn't know where all the poison/confusion traps were and I couldn't disarm them. So I eventually forced my way through the level, with a lot of resting and reloading. Eventually I beat Yxunomei. Now imagine if I had played that level with HoW installed. I probably would have quit before I was halfway through it, due to having to go through all the traps more than 5 times (both ways) to rest with Marchon of Waterdeep. Making this area unrestible is just annoying.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Better than 75% would be more fair, and make them all bombadier beetles and wailing virgins. :p

    But seriously, if you rest, Yxonomei should ambush you with tons of help. Playable? Meh, you can sleep elsewhere. ;)

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    I just want to rest in the area before, with the summoner, at least after killing him, then I'd be happy.

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,810
    They should keep resting forbidden and respawn all enemies if you leave the area.

    (Just joking. I would never be able to finish the Dragon's Eye again)

    @Spungi - You could rest in the area above by talking to the imprisoned adventurers there. After you've let them out, that is.

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    Really? Huh... Guess it's just me that didn't know that :)

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