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F/M/T RP Playthrough (Custom Party)

I'm having a horrible time trying to start my play-through of Baldur's Gate, which will inevitably lead into its sequel. Mostly because while I find the pre-generated story full of potential...I've spoiled the story for myself, and know what's going to happen for the most part. So I find there's little point to approaching the game traditionally. Instead, I'd like to create a custom party and chronicle the ensuing exploits.

Enter Enkalynn, Elven Fighter/Mage/Thief, and ward of Gorion. Why F/M/T? Because I like multiclass characters and I'm a sucker for the Jack-of-All. Why Elf? Because they're better F/M/Ts than Half-Elves, and it seems like it'd make for wonderful chicanery plot wise. After all, elves aren't considered adults until they get past their first century of life.

Now this is where my plans derail. Mostly because F/M/Ts are horrible slow to level in big parties, and I'd rather not compromise and play a Bard (though really, F/M/T are just everything Bards want to be). So I have to fill out the remaining 2-3 slots with builds that an F/M/T can support. I plan on having Enkalynn be a ranged combatant, focusing on ranged backstabs with a good shortbow (if that's possible...backstabbing in this game isn't very clear).

Thoughts/concerns/death threats, anyone? =D



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,472
    Ranged backstabs aren't implemented in the game. Your backstab multiplier doesn't apply to ranged attacks from stealth and the Thac0 bonus you get when attacking from stealth only concerns melee attacks, not ranged. This isn't saying that using a bow is not recommended; quite the contrary: it's one of the more effective weapons, especially for Elves (as they get a bonus), in the first game.

    Strictly from an efficiency perspective I'd pick the following characters for the 2 remaining spots:
    * Ranger->Cleric dual class, or Cleric/Ranger multi, to have all the divine spells (cleric and druid) at your disposal;
    * Sorcerer, so that you have all you need in terms of arcane power.

    Your character will get just enough skills to cover your basic thieving needs, act as a support caster for your Sorcerer and will be a great warrior if you use the Mage buffs well.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,820
    There were ranged backstabs in Icewind Dale using Spiritual Hammer and Mordenkainen's Sword. So if you plan on playing a F/M/T in Icewind Dale as well...

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