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Dragon Disciple Poverty Run BG2EE

Same as before only minus the quarterstaff. I'm guessing this will be easier than bg1 with growing spell repertoire and given its not a no reload challenge, we shall see, I've never played bg2 on insane before. Probly guna skip the RP journal-esque updates and like "keep it real" for lack of a better term. I'm no Tolkien so I should probably spare people the suffering heh.

Just started and Imoen has apparently taken the death of Gorion pretty hard she seems to be under the delusion that we have been traveling together when in reality I have not seen the girl since she wandered off into the woods outside Candlekeep muttering something about trollops and pigtails. Poor thing, ditched her and set off on my merry way.


Tomes were applied after Sarevok fell, Str, Dex, Con, Int and 1 Wis)



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