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Backstab Hide, Backstab Hide, Backstab Hide, is still very possible for Shadowdancers

Zirus_BlackheartZirus_Blackheart Member Posts: 46
Hide, stand in position then choose the backstab weapon, it then says "Leaving Shadows", the red box around the hide icon goes but you are still hidden till the end of the turn? i'm assuming turn but anyway select the weapon, the red box vanishes, the hide icon goes grey meaning you cannot use it but wait a bit and it goes blue again before you are unhidden so, then backstab and you can insta-hide right after.

Repeat till enemy is dead.

If/When this gets sorted in an update, and by that i would men that when the backstab happens for a shadowdancer the timer till they can hide again is reset please don't do this for normal thieves too because, although they cannot insta-hide after the backstab it does mean that they can hide the instant they are out of sight which is very usefull.
This is a big thing when you are using oil of speed for example.


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