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IWD:EE (PC) - Corrupted Save...?

Something went terribly wrong in my play through ... I was doing Vale of Shadows; did it slowly, killing 1-2 monsters at a time from one side of the map to the other, saving as often as I could (but via the Quick Save). But when I got to the east end of the map, I realize that I lost all of the explored map on the west side (where I started) as though the fog of war was set back in place and all the monsters reset!! Well I still get loot from them on top of what I already received from the first time round but I didn't really want to do it all over again. So after that and after clearing a couple of crypts I decided to head back to Khuldahar but as I exited the map, only two locations were left - Easthaven (which I couldn't reach), and the Vale of Shadows!! Khuldahar and the other places were COMPLETELY GONE!! I did most of my saves for this run in one or two save files but they were both like that!!

Did I do something wrong here, or did the save file get so corrupted that I had to start all over again??


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