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Any way to import Planescape Torment sounds sets into the EE engine?

Hey all,

I have a set of the old Planescape:Torment voicesets that were ripped from P:T using BGTeam's Biffworkshop utility. Of course, that only creates files that worked using the BG2-style player (they won't play outside of the old IE engine games). Is there any way to take these files and decompress them into regular .Wav files that we could drop into the enhanced edition games?


  • firebringerfirebringer Member Posts: 23
    Ok, after some more experimentation, it looks like the Biffworkshop utility does the decompression; the P:T sound files played normally in BGEE on the PC. The only problem: when I moved the .Wav files over to my iPad 2 to test them there, no sound plays for the files.

    Are the sound system implementations really so different between the PC and the iOS versions of EE that sound files that run on one won't run on the other? Is there some way to turn the Biffworkshop .wav back to more 'regular' .Wav file so that it'll work on the iOS?

  • firebringerfirebringer Member Posts: 23
    Heh heh heh...I really need to do more testing before I post. After giving the iPad's cache time to clear, all of the P:T sound files now work. Long story short, if you can download the decompressed P:T sound files, they will work with xxEE on both PC and iOS platforms!

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