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Three questions: Dual classing, single weapon prof and mods

Being the sort of person who never settles on a character I have already begun working on a second party before finishing my first game. A few questions have come to my mind.

When it comes to dual classing am I limited to what multi-classes are allowed? I want to dual class my thief as soon as her skills get high enough in trap and lockpick (Something else I should probably figure out) but unsure as to what. A voice in my head shouts druid but I'm unsure if druid can be dualed with thief. Currently my party has: Mage/Cleric multi-class (Mage being turned to necromancer via the magic of cheatery), fighter (pure class), Paladin (Undead Hunter), Thief(Assassin, fully focused on stealth. My first combat thief), and bard (He has a crossbow and sings. Thats about it). If I can't go druid, any recommendations? Perhaps cleric, to balance out the lack of pure cleric, though I'd need to find some RP excuse for that whereas finding one for becoming a fighter (She decided she likes smacking things) is easier. I could also turn a kit on with her and give Kensai a try.

My pure class fighter is going to use a longbow and longsword only, for reasons of style and I've never done it before. My question is, is single weapon prof something that can be done on a fighter or am I deluding myself and should grab a shield? I've heard there are ways to make it better, including mods and rumors of increasing its prof in dalekeeper to make it better (Likely I'd have him drop longbow prof if this is true and just level up longsword and single weapon prof)

And third question. Since this would be a second playthrough, any mods I should try out? Including interesting kits and the like.



  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Sws with GM in Longswords and ideally a pure Kensai is pretty solid I'd say. You end up with 4.5 apr at lvl 13 with a Longsword of Action, and the +5% extra crits is pretty substantial. If you aren't a Kensai, I would either DW or use a shield.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    edited November 2014
    I'm sure @elminster can suggest a mod that has some interesting kits ...

    For a second play through I'd recommend doing it completely different and try a level 1 HoW run or sonething similarly different to your first run to make it interesting.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,387
    For a second playthrough, I would suggest - you can still options in terms of classes/kits plus you get banters.

    If you still would like your own party, I would suggest including a druid into it. It's a travesty not to try druidic spells in IWDEE. Also, you should try a new kit, I think - a priest of Tempus is cool and really has some special dialog in the game.

    A party of a bard (half-elf), a multiclass fighter/mage (gnome), a multiclass fighter/thief (dwarf), a priest of Tempus (half-orc), a wild mage (elf), a druid (human) - I suggest a totemic druid - is an option: this is my own party and I like it. Not only it is powerful, but it includes all the races, the fact I personally find very appealing.

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    Hrm. I generally prefer to keep my own NPCs but might look into it. I just remember back when I got NPCs mods for IWD2 and I was RPing a drow fighter/thief and one NPC proceeded to call me "Paladin's son" and suddenly every NPC had a presumption on my past that I didn't plan for. Then the gnome woman's voice was just...silly deep. Also there didn't seem to be any build up and most of the dialogue could be triggered at any time, wich made things feel akward since the entire mod seemed to assume I've been with these NPCs for some time and didn't just meet them.

    ...Needless to say it might have been my fault for not researching the mod but it still ruined my taste for it. I'll take a look at this one, though.

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    After getting the second random item that can't be used by anyone good (I technically got four but two aren't random) I decided what I really want is a random loot mod that makes it so I don't constantly get random loot no one in my party can use. I will now be over here *not* opening Dalekeeper to switch out with the perfectly legitimate loot I should have got.

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