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Long bow of Stealth +5

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,156
as requested by @Jepatrienosaksen‌, I created a mod that adds a new item to late SoA BG2, so you can use a serious longbow in ToB (LBs aren't that bad in SoA… just use the Manabow with arrows of Dispelling/Biting).
The bow is actually added to the Elven City near the end of SoA (I can't spell the name properly, sorry), there are two options, one to randomize it trough the City, and the other to just add it to a container in the main area.

Item description:

Longbow of Stealth, the Stealthy Strike +5:
Crafted by the finest Elven workmanship on the Realms and enchanted by a powerful Sorcerer this bow has the ability of turning the target deaf as well as helping the wielder to hide in the shadows of the night. As the string is drawn back, arrows are created out of the strength of the wielder, this grants ammunition to the user in cases he could not be using the bow.


Combat Abilities:
- The bow requires no ammunition
- There are 10% chances the wielder loses a point of Strength for two rounds when attacking an opponent
- Deafness over the target for one and a half round unless he save vs. Spell when hit

Equipped Abilities:
- The user gains a 15% bonus to Stealth

THAC0: +6
Damage: 1d6+4 (missile)
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency Type: Longbow
Type: Two-handed
6 Strength

Weight: 2

I also made a mod that adds some Arrows +4, but the code to actually _add them_ to the game doesn't want to work, anyway this is their Item Description:

Arrows of Acidic Poisoning, Arrows of Sevlhan +4:
A long time ago, a merchant mage from Calishman, Sevlhan, created many of these arrows to be used by an adventuring party whom was later slaughtered by a group of Orcs. The arrows got sold to a merchant, who, selling the arrows in small quantities, spread the all over the Sword Coast and it's vicinities.


Combat Abilities:
- The victim must save vs. Death or be poisoned with Acid for 1 turn for 5 damage each round

THAC0: +4
Damage: 1d6+1 (missile)
Launcher: Bow

Weight: 0

The mod can be found here as well under this post ;)
Windows users should use the Setup-7C#BowArrows.EXE while mac users should use the Setup-7C#BowArrows (no extension).



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