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MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
So.... I just defeated the Luremaster.

This it it...? Really? He doesn't even give any experience? No experience for wrapping the whole thing up? No loot from the last battle? Nothing....!? And where the hell is Hobart? At first I thought he actually *was* that Rakshasa who impersonated him but I double checked it and Hobart is still there after you kill the Rakshasa.

Please tell me this is all just one big bug and can be fixed...

Edit: Ok I've watched some videos of that fight now and apparently this is really how it's supposed to go down. I'm a bit disappointed... It *is* kind of strange though. The quest is moved to 'Done Quests' but it doesn't update at all. The text stays exactly the same whereas in other quests it says something along the lines of "We finished Quest XY by giving Item A to person B. All is well now."

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  • DarkcloudDarkcloud Member Posts: 302
    The whole dlc is a bit strange. You get no XP for the one challenge in the room with the chests gives no XP either. There is no great loot at the end of the dlc but rather in the middle of it and some decent in the last parts but NOT the end of the dlc.

    Those spectral guards give only 5000 xp but feel like they are almost the strongest enemies in the game. At least the strongest minor ones that appear in groups. They have relatively high HP, high AC, have a THAC0 that still gives them a bonus on the attack rolls when they attack chars with an AC of -20 (my Priests and Swashbuckler easily reach that with buffs) and there seems to be a difference between the ones that stand around and the ones that appear only when you trigger them because I could destroy the ones standing around on the ground level with turn undead while I had a hard time to even get the other ones to run away with it and my priest was pretty high level at that point so they are even insanely hard to turn.

  • MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
    @Darkcloud: Yes, especially the ending feels like some custom mod where the developer forgot to wrap things up add the end. Then they sloppily added a trigger to move the journal entry from 'Quests' to 'Done Quests'.

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