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Thieves and armor with -theif skills

I really need an explanation on how this works.

I just acquired Kaylessa's Armor +3
Decided I could give it to my fighter/theif and use a level up rebalance the skills back to normal.
Problem is, I have no idea what the numbers are telling me.

With no armor my theif has:
open locks : 100
find traps: 50
pickpocket: 100
move silently: 30
Hide in shadows: 30
Detect Illusion: 0
Set Traps: 100

Kaylessa's Armor +3 states, when equipped, the penalties for theives are:
open locks : -5%
find traps: -5%
pickpocket: -20%
move silently: -10%
Hide in shadows: -10%

But my skills end up like this:
open locks : 105
find traps: 55
pickpocket: 105
move silently: 33
Hide in shadows: 33
Detect Illusion: 0
Set Traps: 105

So is there a penalty or not?
Is this a bug, or am I not understanding how this works?



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