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Underdark questline bug

Hi Everyone,

Hope i've got this in the right forum.

I've been playing through bg2ee with my friend in multiplayer for a few weeks now. We appear to be unable to progress in the underdark due to a bug.

We're right at the end of the drow quests. We replaced the real eggs with phaere's, then gave soulafeins' to phaere, however Phaere did not disappeared from the female fighters guild. Now when we go to the temple she is not there.
If we talk to her in the fighters guild she attempts to take us to the ritual chamber, which fails, and if we go to the temple and talk to matron mother she doesn't do anything.....there is no way to progress the quest line.

Obviously something has gone badly wrong in the game variables, I'm hoping someone more adept than myself can fix our save game?



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