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[Mac] The reform group command should not inflate the hit points of removed party members.

[Mac] The reform group command should not inflate the hit points of removed party members.
Start a new Icewind Dale game with created characters on Heart of Fury difficulty.
Play the game for a while
Remove the non-protagonist party members with the Reform Group function.
Play the game some more.
Add the removed party members back into the group.

The hit points of the rejoining party members is sometimes inflated above what their class/level/abilities/equipment allows.

The hit points of the rejoining party members should correspond to their class/level/abilities/equipment.


  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641

    First: Just checking if you posted this in the right section? I assume this report for "Icewind Dale", not BG1 or BG2? I ask because you are talking about "protagonist" and "non-protagonist" party members, the concept of which doesn't really exist in IWD. All 6 party members are considered PC's in this game...unlike in BG1 and 2 where all but your main character were considered NPC's driven by the story and their own developed story lines. Though you do state "Heart of Fury" mode which is IWD only, so I thought I'd ask.

    Second: If this does affect IWD, can you provide more details?

    "Play the game for a while
    < snip >
    Play the game some more."

    Do you have any idea what conditions cause the HP expansion? For instance, while the "non-protagonist" party members (I assume characters 2-6 is what you'd mean here) were out of the party did you level up? Did you drink a healing potion or cast a heal spell? Did you do any group healing? Raise dead? Rest? etc.

    Also do you have the "Max HP on Level" option set?

    Any additional details would be most appreciated.

    You also say "inflated above what their class/level/abilities/equipment allows", do you really mean this or do you mean their HP were X when they left the party and now they're X+Y?

    If you mean "above allowed values" is it always the same amount above? (A level 10 warrior with no constitution bonus should always have 100 HP with Max HP turned on. Do you always see the warrior come back with a number over 100 HP?)

    If you really mean "HP Above where they left", does the "Y" in the X+Y above always equate to some amount of HP Gain? i.e. Some amount of HP gained by the character still in the party?

    (example: You remove character 2 with 50 HP from the party, you cast a heal spell which heals you for 8 HP and then re-add Character 2 back to the party and notice he has 58HP).

    Apologies for the book, but I'm trying to see if we can get a more explicit issue post to see if we can get more info on the bug.

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