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Improved buff icons

I want to give a critique as well as suggestion regarding the general display of icons that represent innate abilities of characters.

When a monk reaches, for example, level 5, then with that level he gets immunity to diseases and
can not be slowed or hasted. However, I did not see any icon for that appearing on my
character image as well as any description in the character screen.
For me, I like to see the improvements of my character visually. I would prefer if icons that represent
immunity to poison or disease etc. would be implemented for all classes that get those specific benefits
when they reach higher levels.

I checked the cavalier as an example. He has 3 icons shown on his image at the side bar as well as in the character screen with all the other information. He has them from level 1 onwards. Those 3 icons represent his permanent protection abilities as a cavalier, for example "Mind Shield", "Immunity to Poison" etc.

For me, especially if an ability is a permanent innate ability it should be shown visually with the icons as well as some basic descriptions in the character screen.
The example with the cavalier has shown that he has those icons and descriptions permanently, which means the design of that is inconsistent in the game, because other classes dont have that always.

I consider that to be a design weakness, and I would like to get it improved. I don't think it is a big thing for the developers to change that.

I want to emphasize that I think implementing those permanent icons and descriptions consistently in the game would enhance the overall atmosphere and logic. As I said, I like to see the improvements of all my characters with some love for detail.



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