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[11026] Bow and Crossbows that make their own ammo should not count THAC0 bonuses twice

DesertKitsuneMarlFoxDesertKitsuneMarlFox Member Posts: 7
edited December 2014 in The Road to v1.3 (BGII:EE)
Bows and crossbows that make their own ammo should not count THAC0 bonuses twice.
slings that make their own ammo how ever are not affected.
First video is before i installed 1.3 second is after 1.3 installed

in addition to THAC0 bonuses being counted twice if they have some special affect like Firetooth that bonus is counted twice.
sorry for not showing that Firetooth doesn't have the double affect that the 1.3 Firetooth has.

i used the EE keeper to give my self the items though on my brothers computer where he hasn't used the EE Keeper it does the same thing he just didn't want to make a bug post

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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
  • meagloth said:

    Yes they should.

    i don't believe so it shouldn't be a GIANT disadvantage(losing what ever + the crossbow/bow had) to use any kind of ammo with them over the free ammo(the highest + ammo would still be losing THAC0)
    it should be noted my character had no skill in crossbows yet the upgraded Firetooth brought me down to 1 THAC0 while i realize it is a +7 crossbow but dropping 14 points of THAC0 is ridiculous that's equal to any melee weapon+14 closest we get to that in any BG/IWD game is Icewind Dale 2's Heart of Fury upgraded Cera Sumat(Long Sword +10 if i recall correctly)

  • HurricaneHurricane Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 730
    This is definitely a bug, but its correct description is this:

    Bow's and crossbow's Ranged ability should not be applied twice.

    That is the underlying problem here.

    Without ammo, the Ranged ability is used. This ability is simply applied twice per attack. Therefore the thac0 bonus, any special effects (like the +2 fire damage), and also the base damage are doubled. You don't see the doubled base damage in the inventory info box, but you can see it in the combat log when damage is dealt to opponents. For instance, you can test this with Tansheron's bow (bow15.itm): The bow itself doesn't have any damage bonus, and its own phantom arrows only deal 1d6 points of damage, yet when you use the bow without ammo, the actual damage dealt ranges from 2 to 12, not from 1 to 6. It was 1 to 6 before the beta.

    When you do equip ammo, the Launcher ability is used, which is applied correctly, i.e. only once.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
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