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[11028] Fighter Dual Class Weapons Proficiency never unlocking

Beary666Beary666 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2014 in The Road to v1.3 (BGII:EE)
So I just loaded up the Beta on my Mac and I noticed something wierd wih Fighter dual classing.

In BG1, if you dualled from Fighter to say Thief, once you opened up your fighter class again, you could put Proficiency Pips into any weapon up to grand mastery:

Kansai Dualled to Thief

F3: 3 THS, 2 THWF
F3/T1: (3 THS, 2THWF) 1SS*, 1Dag*
F3/T4: 4THS*, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag (Fighter class unlocked and I can start putting pips back into Two Handed Swords)
F3/T8: 5THS*, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag

Thus allowing you to keep improving that fighter progession even as you levelled as a thief. This is broken in BG2:EE with the Beta on Mac. Exporting this charcter to BG2, when I level up, I can only put Pips into Thief weapons, and not beyond a single pip. So we get this kind of progression:

F3/T12: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc* (I can now only put points into Thief Weapons and only 1 pip per category)

F3/T16: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat*

F3/T20: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat, 1QS*

F3/T24: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat, 1QS, 1LS*

F3/T28: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat, 1QS, 1LS, 1CL*

F3/T32: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat, 1QS, 1LS, 1CL, 1SWF*

F3/T36: 5THS, 2THWF, 1SS, 1Dag, 1Sc, 1Kat, 1QS, 1LS, 1CL, 1SWF, Missing Proficiency Point

For fighter mages this gets even worse. With a Kensai dualled to mage I get this:

K9: 3 FL, 1 KAT, 1 AX, 2 TWFS

K9/1M: 3 FL, 1 KAT, 1 AX, 2 TWFS, 1QS*

K9/6M: 3 FL, 1 KAT, 1 AX, 2 TWFS, 1QS, 1Dag*

K9/12M: 3 FL, 1 KAT, 1 AX, 2 TWFS, 1QS, 1Dag ***

At this Point I get no more proficiency points, as there are no more Mage Melee weapon to put points into and I cannot put anymore points into my fighter proficiencies.

This pretty much makes dual-classing from fighter inferior to multiclassing into any other class as you really miss out on being to use those proficiency pips effectively. I'm not sure if this intentional or if this is how AD&D ruleset actually is, but I think it really wrecks the vialbility of Dual Classing

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,214
    I can confirm this issue.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,214
    edited December 2014
    This is also having a secondary effect of potentially cutting you off from getting additional proficiency points early as a thief (if you put points as a fighter towards a weapon usable by thieves).

    Repo steps

    1. Load attached save
    2. Dual class the character into a thief
    3. C:SetCurrentXP("1760000") and level up (this will bring you to level 18 as a thief)
    4. C:SetCurrentXP("2200000") and level up (this will bring you to level 20 as a thief)


    1) With this save when you hit level 20 you do not get to choose another thief proficiency. You should be granted one. Subsequent leveling doesn't grant you more.

    2) If you instead outright give yourself enough xp (4180000) to get you to level 29 as a thief you'll find that you only get 5 proficiency points to spend. By that level you should have 9. What I suspect is that the level 16, 20, 24, and 28 proficiency points aren't being included because I had existing proficiency points in long swords, short swords, katanas and scimitars (weapons thieves can use). I tested a single class thief and it seemed to get proficiency points at these levels.


    You should be able to increase your proficiency beyond a "proficiency" level if you are dual classing from a fighter into another character.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
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