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About This Forum (Rules for Reporting Bugs)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited December 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
In order to make the bug reporting and bug fixing process more efficient, we have remodeled our bugs forums. This thread will explain how the new structure works, and how you can ensure your bugs are reported and fixed.

Where did all the old bug reports go?

You can find old bug reports in the bug archives. Due to the volume of threads that get created we have to keep things streamlined, and a bug report from eleven months ago may no longer exist, or may exist in a different way. If you encounter an old bug and it hasn't been reported in the current version, please do post a new thread following the format described in the next post.

Will each new patch clear out the bug forums from now on?

Yes, as soon as we release a patch we will create a new bug forum and archive the old one. You can still view the archived bug reports, so if your bug wasn't fixed you can use the archives as a resource for building the new report. We also keep approved bug reports in our internal database; just because you don't see your bug listed doesn't mean it won't get fixed.

Rules for Reporting Bugs

There are some ground rules for when you report a bug on this forum. Follow these rules and we will do our best to make sure your bug is at least looked at:
1. Do not post a bug report if your game's version is not 1.x.

2. Your bug report must be posted in the correct format.

3. Do not post a bug report if your game has mods installed or if you have used EE Keeper or ShadowKeeper to modify your save at all. If you encounter a bug on a modded installation, first see if you can reproduce the issue with a new (unaltered) game on a fresh unmodded installation. If you can't, the bug may be caused by one or more of your mods.

4. If the bug generated a crash report, your report must contain a zip file with the crash .dmp file inside; if at all possible, include a saved game from near the crash event as well in a separate zip file.

5. If the bug is a graphical or dialogue issue, your report must include a screenshot of the area or event in progress.

6. If your bug has already been reported for the current patch, do not report it again. Duplicate reports will be closed.
We will not troubleshoot issues that do not follow these rules. Our moderators are, amazingly, working for free; we don't want to waste their time. Our developers are not working for free, and we don't want to waste theirs either.

How do I know what version of the game I have?

When you first launch the game, the version number is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. You can also view the version number in-game by opening the Options screen (it's displayed above the skull).

How do I know if my bug has already been reported?

Look in the List of Known Issues first; if you see your bug listed there, you do not need to create a new thread for it.

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  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447

    How to Report a Bug

    It is very important to follow the correct format when reporting a bug. Without a reliable test case, we can't confirm that what you're seeing is a bug because we don't have a reliable way to reproduce it ourselves.

    A good bug report follows this format:

    Subject with platform and a brief statement clearly identifying the issue

    The thread's title should include the platform in brackets, such as [iPad] or [Windows].

    For Windows and Mac we will assume that you are playing the game through Beamdog unless you also note something else. So if you're playing the Windows version through Steam, be sure to include [Windows] [Steam] in front.

    After the platform, briefly (but clearly) define the bug you are reporting. Internally we use "should" or "should not" statements, such as "Minsc should not have hair on his in-game avatar" or "Neera should be proficient with the quarterstaff". This tells us immediately what the issue is.

    Numbered steps detailing the steps required to reproduce the issue

    In the body of the thread's first post, list steps in order that take us from the game's main menu to the issue you're reporting. In most cases it's best to start from a new game to eliminate extraneous variables, but if you have a saved game you can also attach it in a zip file and start with "Load the attached save".

    If you have a screenshot displaying the issue, include that as well. Issues with graphics or the game's text must include a screenshot displaying the problem.

    A short statement describing each of what the current behavior is, and what the behavior should be

    After listing the steps taken to get to the issue, describe briefly and concisely what the issue is as you observe it. Be as clear as possible, and do not include any information that is not relevant to the issue you are reporting.

    Then, in the same format, describe the behavior you expected to see after following those steps. For example, "Minsc should not appear to have hair. Minsc should appear to be bald."

    Any additional information that may be important when investigating the bug's root causes should be listed after the final statement. If the issue is performance- or graphics-related, note your device's information--Android, iPad, and Mac issues should list the specific device model, and Windows issues should list information about your operating system and graphics card.

    Example Bug Report

    [Windows] [Steam] Tutors in Candlekeep should not be bright blue
    1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregenerated character
    2. Walk northeast toward the tutor

    The tutor's robe is bright blue.

    The tutor's robe should not be bright blue. The tutor's robe should be bright green.

    This issue affects all of the tutors in Candlekeep.

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