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(spoilers obvi) poquelin is so badass

the voice, what he looks like, how other people describe him (the lower part of his robe was red, as if he'd walked in blood).
as a boss, not so much, but as a character, he's great!



  • GamingFreakGamingFreak Member Posts: 639
    "I can discern your aura, evil one... who are you really?"

    "I'm sure Yxonomei must have explained it to you. She and I have been foes for centuries. Thanks to you, the vendetta has ended. Arundel is bleeding out his life upstairs. Now I can begin to build my forces in this world without fear."

    "No really... who are you?"

    "Who am I? I am but a simple priest, spreading the gospel of suffering to the masses. Soon, you will all know the litany of our faith. I'd start praying now if I were you (hehe)... Farewell."

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