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Did I accidentally skip content?

So after Candlekeep I saw 2 characters, Montaron and Xzar. I ended up recruiting them and decided to go to the place they wanted to go to first, since I figured this might have been on a time limit (Not sure though). I ended up running through a bunch of zones in order to get get to Nash.However once I there, a cutscene appeared and apparently im on Chapter 2 now.

So my question is this. Since I didnt bother doing my particular quest first (The one where Im supposed to recruit 2 people at some inn), did I lose them? Or can I go back to these areas to do the content.

Also, is there a specific place in Nash Im supposed to go to to drop Montaron and Xzar off?



  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    You haven't really “missed” something. Rather you went a different rout. I would still go meet the people you were first sent to meet as they may or may not fit your party better.

    As for dropping the first two off, you can do that anytime, anywhere by using the reform party button on their character page.

    I’m going to recommend what I always do to new players. Save often! There are many ways to do things in Baldur’s Gate and with many saves you can always try things different ways without starting completely over.

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    as the others have stated it is not too late to return and grab them, so long as you don't get to chapter 3. i recommend you get Jaheira and Khalid if you are a good party, Montaron and Xzar for evil, and you can choose if you are neutral. that is only recommended, as you will want like minded party members most likely.

    this game is real in many ways. Jah and Khalid won't wait around if you don't show up, and many quests that give an urgency are actually urgent and on a timer. you should take anything you are told seriously or there can be consequences. it is one thing many games nowadays do not do, and in BG many new players can end up suffering for. in the end it is a rewarding experience though and worth changing how you react to a video game's sense of urgency.

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