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[MOD] Vests (cloth armor)

dibdib Member Posts: 384
edited December 2014 in General Modding
Adds simple protective vests usable by any class and kit.

Got sick of my Kensai walking around in a tunic so I made this simple little mod. It has an AC of 9, so hopefully it won't drastically alter game balance.
Other vests will lower one of your saving throws much like the three standard mage robes.

You should find the vests in the following places:

BG: Candlekeep Inn store (Heavy Vest:1), Nashkel store (Heavy Vest:5), Sorcerous Sundries (Enchanted vests:1 of each)
BG2: Chest in the starting area together with other armors (Heavy Vest:1), Wallace the merchant of Trademeet (Heavy Vest:5), Ribald at Adventurer's mart (Enchanted vests:1 of each)

If you have already opened the chest or shopped in the stores the armor will probably not show up. In that case you'll either have to start a new game or use the console command "CreateItem("clot01")".

Bonus screenshot of my Half-Orc Kensai in his smashing Heavy Vest:

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  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,300
    this is cool.

    could you rename it into something other than armor so that it wouldn't clash with kensai's general armor restriction?

    cloth vest, thick vest, heavy vest or something like that would be better imo

    also, you could make a few magical ones, for example: (modeled after the robes) adventurer's vest, knave's vest, traveler's vest but they would only grant save bonuses and no ac modifiers; also vest of x resistance, but only 10%. instead of 20%.
    also, maybe something silly like a "fancy coat" that provides no ac but gives you a charisma boost.

  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,871
    I like your character portraits

  • dibdib Member Posts: 384
    edited December 2014
    @bob_veng I liked your idea of having Knave's etc. vests (also changed name to vest) so I added those. I might add a "silly vest" and others later. For now I've added the Knave, Traveller (just noticed I mispelled 'Traveller', oh well) and Adventurer's Vests.

    @smeagolheart Thanks!

    Bonus promotion song:

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