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[Not an Issue] [All] Nashkel/Durlag's Tower Travel Times

outspacedoutspaced Member Posts: 6
edited December 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
[Windows] Nashkel/Durlag's Tower Travel Times

1. Use the Console to go to Durlag's Tower Exterior: C:MoveToArea("AR0500")
2. Walk to the edge of the map. Move the cursor over Nashkel. Travel Time is 8 hours.
3. Use the Console to go to Nashkel: C:MoveToArea("AR4800")
4. Walk to the edge of the map. Move the cursor over Durlag's Tower. Travel Time is 12 hours.

Inconsistent Travel Times.

Journeys in both directions should have the same Travel Time (8 hours)

The Travel Times exists for Nashkel Carnival (AR900) / Durlag's Tower are also incorrect (12 hours from NC -> DT; 8 hours from DT -> NC)

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