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Gohn the Barbarian RP Play-through

This is the story of Gohn, the Barbarian.

Gohn, Chaotic Good Human Barbarian

Sorry I forgot to take the character intro screenshot until after he was already level 2. Also, his stats are the combination of an excellent natural roll (96), and then giving him +5 to his intelligence via EEKeeper. The intelligence won't impact the actual play-through (or at least it shouldn't?) but for roleplaying purposes I wanted it higher, and I didn't want to gimp him in another area because for this play-through to work as intended, he needs to be a true barbarian powerhouse.


I would also like to say that this will be a minimal re-load run. I'm not going to do a hardcore no-reload run, but I'll do my best to keep things on the straight-and-narrow path, away from the cheese.

Now, on to the introduction.


A lover of the wilderness by nature, Gohn never felt right within the walls of Candlekeep. He would sleep under the stars every chance he got, and purposefully tested himself physically and mentally. But the scholarly tutelage of Gorion was not lost on the barbarian, and he learned well how to control his body and mind, becoming ever-more one with the natural world around him. He knew himself not to be himself alone, but to be, underneath it all, the wild spirit of the universe.

After seeing Gorion cut down before his eyes, despite Gorion's extensive knowledge of the arcane arts, Gohn's hatred for magic grew strong. He saw it's abominable work against his foster father, and watched Gorion's own magic fail him when he needed it most.

Gohn's extensive body-mind training now has him focusing his rage, and harnessing that anger against the arcane. He will only enter a “rage” when facing a spell-caster.

Gohn is, often-times very level headed and wise for a barbarian. The key is, however, that he is still a barbarian. He loves three things more than anything in the world: battle, the wilderness, and women. We pick up Gohn's story just after he awakens from an unrestful sleep – it is the morning after he watched his foster father get ambushed and cut down by an armored figure in the cover of darkness.


The barbarian sleeps half-awake, and Gohn was aroused from this limbo by the heavy footsteps of Imoen. She was never much of a respectable thief, but she was attractive, and they had shared a night together when Gohn was younger: he certainly couldn't turn her away. Her personality wasn't irritating, and she was quite bright, so Gohn let her tag along.

Gohn and Imoen trekked eastward and were soon met by a strange bearded fellow robed in red. A single question of his demeanor and he left as quickly as he'd appeared. Odd fellow.

The pair continued toward what they thought was the Friendly Arm Inn, and Imoen's keen eyes spotted the shining of a small object stuffed into a rock crevice. Gohn was glad he hadn't turned her away – especially as he watched her bend over to fish the ring from the rock.

As they continued further eastward, Gohn suggested that they turn northward toward the Friendly Arm, but Imoen insisted that they continue further east... until they ran into an Ogre. As soon as it spotted them, it cried out that it would “crush them to goo.” Oh, the irony. Gohn found a particularly fancy belt on the bloody corpse of the Ogre, and this time Gohn made sure that the pair was headed northward – in the proper direction!

As soon as they entered the friendly arm, Gohn heard the crying of a woman inside her home. Imoen knocked, and the distraught woman answered the door. She explained that a band of hobgoblins near the Friendly Arm had stolen her ring – it was a precious gift – and she would love to have it back. Gohn wasn't in the mood, but Imoen insisted that they help the unfortunate woman.

They eventually bashed some hobgoblin skulls, found the ring, and Imoen's keen eyes spotted yet another ring lying beneath a tree as they searched for the band of hobgoblins! What luck!! Soon the ring was returned to it's rightful owner, and Gohn and Imoen made their way toward the Inn.

No sooner did they start up the steps to the Inn, but a robed man approached, inquiring about Gohn. The barbarian's innate senses detected danger as the man reached for his wizard staff. At the mere sight of the staff, Gohn became enraged and splattered the man's skull with his mace. On his person was a bounty notice on Gohn's head – the pair would need to be more careful from now on.

Once inside, Imoen went to order a drink while Gohn went in search of Khalid and Jaheira – whoever they were! He searched upstairs first, finding a gnome who recognized the fancy (and very bloody) belt that Gohn was wearing. Reluctantly, Gohn gave the little man his belt, though he seriously considered just walking away. A tiny little fellow he was... what could he have done about it? Gohn also ran into another little one (a dwarf) asking for her possessions from her house in Beregost. Infested with spiders, she said.... can't be that bad. Gohn said he wouldn't mind helping, as long as it wasn't out of the way.

As he was going back downstairs, he was grumbling to himself about becoming a “softy”, when Imoen called him over to a table. She had gotten them drinks and managed to stumble upon Khalid and Jaheira, who were hanging out by the bar.

Gohn could immediately tell that Jaheira was attracted to him. Gohn's bulging muscles showed through his hauberk, and her husband was somewhat.... lacking. Though Khalid seemed mostly weak-minded, Gohn could feel the half-elf's anger toward him. Jaheira offered to join Gohn, grabbing at his arm as she laughed. Khalid suggested that perhaps they let Gohn find his own way, but Jaheira insisted. Khalid's anger only grew, and Gohn grew suspicious of this seemingly frail half-elf.

The group decided to set out south, toward Beregost and Nashkel. The road was long, and they decided to rest. But during the night, Gohn awoke from his limbo-like sleep with a feeling of dread. He opened his eyes to see Khalid thrusting a long-sword toward his chest! Gohn caught the sword and quickly overpowered the little half-elf. He tried to wrestle the sword from Khalid, and as he did, Imoen and Jaheira were startled from their rest. Jaheira awoke just in time to see her husband's own longsword driven into his stomach. She cried out in agony and wept over him briefly, but with nowhere else to turn, she continued with Gohn and Imoen southward. Gohn felt her actions somewhat cold, having just lost her husband, but she insisted that she would stay with the party.



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Lovely stuff! Bookmarked :)

  • DraekinDraekin Member Posts: 40
    edited January 2015

    As soon as the party (Gohn, Imoen, and Jaheira) entered Beregost, a man approached asking if he could direct them. Jaheira suggested perhaps an Inn to get a good night's rest and take her mind off Khalid. He directed them to Feldepost's Inn. As the group approached the Inn, a few young women caught Gohn's eye, but as he flirted, he could sense anger in the tone of both Imoen and Jaheira as they suggested, almost as if planned, that the group find a “different” inn to spend the night in.


    Gohn reluctantly agreed, but suggested that he'd better “check the place out” quickly before they left. Unfortunately there were no more such women inside the establishment, however, Gohn was approached by a rather large (and angry) man named Marl. Gohn tried to diffuse the situation with crude humor, but Marl was determined to come to blows with the Barbarian. Perhaps the man, Gohn thought, must have had too much ale, because he stood no real chance in the bout.

    Gohn exited the Inn without a scratch, and he and his annoyed companions went up the street to a place called the Burning Wizard. The group rented a room upstairs. Gohn had had quite a long day, and the mood of the group was tense and edgy. The barbarian went to open the bedside drawer to store some of his gear for the night, but the drawer was jammed. Gohn, already in a rage, smashed the drawer with an iron-fisted strike that could have killed Marl a second time. The drawer shattered, revealing quite a nice looking mace, which Gohn decided was now his.


  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    The sword coast will never be the same! : )

  • Yann1989Yann1989 Member Posts: 92
    That's a very interesting character (probably the most interesting of the 3) but I don't understand why he would hate magic whereas Gorion was a spellcaster.

  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,018
    Yann1989 said:

    That's a very interesting character (probably the most interesting of the 3) but I don't understand why he would hate magic whereas Gorion was a spellcaster.

    And why does he cumulate 101 stat points ?!

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