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Interminable "Waiting for download to start"

Trying to restore my BG2:EE w/1.3 patch game back to the vanilla state on my Mac after a problem cropped up with one of my mods. The launcher loads OK, but I get no progress on the download even after several hours. This has not been a problem earlier when I tried to roll back my game so I'm a little mystified as to the problem. Are the servers on vacation?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,604
    Is this via the beamdog launcher @sturmvogel66‌ - if so you could right-click (or Mac equivalent, is that control/click?) the line for BGII:EE which should give options including "Open Game Location". Note the number, go into the folder and check the override is empty, then go back and delete the .beam and .status files. Then shut the launcher down, restart it and see if the game can be downloaded.

  • sturmvogel66sturmvogel66 Member Posts: 32
    Macs must be different. Inside my BG2 folder are only the launcher and the Game Data folder. I can right click on the launcher to "Show Package Contents" which gives me a couple of folders and files, none of which are .beam or .status. Right now I'm wondering if I should just delete the whole thing from my Application folder and download it from scratch.

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