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Please Share Your Character Biographies/Backstories ^^

Log_HorizonLog_Horizon Member Posts: 8
Those of you who enjoy the full emersion into the world of Icewind Dale. I would love for you to post your characters stories so that we may enjoy them. ^^ Please include your characters name with the stories. ^^ Very excited to see what everyone has come up with.

Character's Names === Leena Fjord (F/M/C)
Freya Fjord (F/M/C)
Felicia Fjord (F/M/C)
Renton Rainer (F/M/C)
Lucian Ulric (F/M/T)
Gabriel Grant (F/M/T)

Leena Fjord, mother of Freya and Felicia , sister of Renton Rainer along with two
fellow tribesman Lucian Ulric and Gabriel Grant travel the frozen wastes of
Icewind Dale to seek out evil where it hides to vanquish it from the realm. Their
story is a sad one, like so many in the frozen north. They were once part of a small
nomadic tribe living northeast of Ironworks, west of The Ten Towns along the Sea
of Moving Ice. They lived a fairly nomadic life surviving by fishing, hunting, and
trading with the Dwarves at Ironworks. Fighting was common place among their
tribe as they viewed it as a way to connect to their deep and vast barbarian
ancestry of the region. Everyone was trained in all facets of combat and were
highly skilled. One day Leena, Freya, and Felicia left to go trade with the
Dwarves only to return to the most horrific sight they had ever seen. It appeared
that their tribe had been completely wiped out by a horde of frost trolls. The
numbers must have been great to best the superior fighting skills of their people.
Angry and sad at the loss her husband and fellow tribesman they vowed to get
revenge and revenge is exactly what they did. Along their travels finding the trail
of the frost trolls they came across some familiar faces. Leena's brother Renton and
two of his friends Lucian and Gabriel. Unbeknownst to them the horrors that
awaited them back at the camp, they joined Leena and the others in their quest for
revenge. With no home to return to they vowed to help others in need and seek
out and destroy all evil in the North.

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  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,206
    edited January 2015
    This time around I've actually just stuck with the stock biographies. I think they're decent, at least for the race/class combinations I picked in my party, but I've made biographies for quite a few of my ID parties back in the day, assuming I'd use the characters in multiplayer.

    Now the quality of writing for this particular party isn't... great... and it's from ID2 rather than the first game, but it's the party I've received the best reactions to. Mainly in the form of laughs. Again, my writing has improved a lot since 6 years ago when I made these guys, but anyway:

    Jobbo Bloodfoot
    Ghostwise Halfling Barbarian


    Kasimira Bloodfoot
    Ghostwise Halfling Bard


    Freddy Stormblade
    Ghostwise Halfling Stormlord of Talos


    Quite a merry little band of sneaky hobitses.

  • ObsidianObsidian Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2015
    My party's indispensable cleric, aka Goth Chick of Doom.

    Kara, Human Cleric

    ...And her hapless (but also indispensable, because Chant of the Sith) boyfriend, the bard.

    Ravadh, Human Bard

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  • NukefaceNukeface Member Posts: 91
    Nukeface, Dragon Disciple, Idiot ---

    Nukeface (pronounced NU-KAY-FAH(hhhhh)-CHEE) was born in a small village. He was a promising young student of magic until a rogue Feeblemind spell was cast on him. The world is no longer safe. He soon learned how to cast Fireball instinctively and has never bothered to learn anything else since. Fortunately he comes from a line of dragons and given enough time* he will become resistant to the fiery effects of his potent magic.

    *Note: Nukeface didn't live long enough to become resistant to fire; he was incinerated, utterly, by his foolish insistence to be on campfire duty.

    Lasceter Felloak, Assassin, Elf ---

    Lasceter Felloak was thus named when his combined poison and dagger skills were enough to erode the base of a tree.* His contracts up and down the Sword Coast fell with remarkable precision and speed and he became greatly feared in the back rooms of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter for his efficacy.

    Stories are still told of the time he stole a fabled, legendary dagger from the treasure hordes of a mage in the Spine of the World. It has been reported that of the fifty men sent after him all were found dead on the side of their road, their throats slashed ear to ear, each a league from each other, and each clasping a flower only native to the south of Athkatla to their breasts. How they were dispatched so efficiently and how they came to hold the fresh flowers, nobody knows.

    *Note: Lasceter Felloak was consequently crushed by the falling tree and died on impact.

    Frensaero Moughnyei, Paladin, Human ---

    Frensaero Moughnyei was a young Paladin who showed great potential and all around him were convinced that he would be a great man. They were right.

    Pearl of the North, Bard, Human ---

    Pearl of the North was thus named because she was an enchanting singer, wonderful with lore, and found herself on the right side of the sword in most conflicts. She was also a bit of a wh**e.

    Lemirre Felloak, Avenger, Half-Elf ---

    Lemirre Felloak was the half-human daughter of Lasceter Felloak. She considered her Druish heritage to be very important to her and was always on the lookout for a nice Druish boy. She found that Rangers, while attractive and very close to her cultural upbringing, just weren't capable of understanding her need to be with someone of her own faith. They also found her a bit needy.

    Hirrok Lhelm, Stalker, Human ---

    Hirrok Lhelm only came to be included in the party as he had a thing for Druish women. Lemirre found him creepy, however, and he figured it would be best if he just kept his distance, though he did follow Lemirre around for a long, long, LONG time. It was awkward. Mostly.

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