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Any way to restore Imoen's old sprite?

CapnSniffiesCapnSniffies Member Posts: 25
edited January 2015 in BGII:EE Mods
Been playing EE for awhile, rather enjoying most of the improvements. However, I do miss Imone's unique sprite from the original game. I've searched through EE keeper in an attempt to switch her sprite from "thief" to her old unique one, but I cannot find it anywhere, so I'm assuming it's been removed. Is there any way to restore it?

EDIT: Okay, after messing around a bit, I guess Imoen never had a unique sprite. It seems that she simply used the default female thief sprite from the original BG2. For some reason, the devs decided to replace the original BGII female thief sprite with the BG1 version for EE (which is hooded and more covered). So I suppose my question now is, would it be possible to replace the BG2EE female thief sprite with the original BG2 one and if so, how would one go about that?

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  • AskinwhobeAskinwhobe Member Posts: 16
    You can switch her to fighter... That should give you part of her look. Human/Female/Fighter. If you liked her in some sort of leather armor the current hooded look is much the same thing. I assume you didn't since the vanilla game included no leather she could use and cast. Human female Cleric should work also.

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