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Request; Improved Staff of the Magi and Amulet of Power

PraepoitusPraepoitus Member Posts: 8
edited November 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
What title says.
I wonder if any modder would be willing to make an improved Staff of the Magi giving +2 THAC0 instead of +1, dealing 2d6+4 damage instead of 1d6+1.

Amulet of power adding 2 spells/level and permanent Improved Alacrity while equipped.

A unique item (or two) granting the bonus-spells and I.A. would also be fine. (I am planning on soloing a Sorcerer though BG-EE to SoA/ToB-EE)

An alternate path would be if someone was willing to update the Stuff of the Magi mod located at;
to make the WEIDU-part compatible with with BG2-EE. ( would kind of be preferable, but not sure if anyone's willing to do that (the page linked contains another link to the original original of the mod at Sorcerers Place, page 2, entry 5))


  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,820
    Honestly I like how the Staff of the Magi is a low damage weapon. It represents how being a mage isn't all about brawn.

  • PraepoitusPraepoitus Member Posts: 8
    It does, but then again soloing a Mage/Sorcerer, some brawning is unavoidable. And it is one of the mayor artefacts of the game as well.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300

    It does, but then again soloing a Mage/Sorcerer, some brawning is unavoidable. And it is one of the mayor artefacts of the game as well.

    I understand that such a change would make you enjoy your solo mage a bit more, and while I agree that "some brawning is unavoidable" , it can (and , as a mage who can't fight well, it should) be done with summons (elementals, skeleton warriors , mordekainen swords or even planetars at higher levels) .

    In fact, if you wanna fight with your own hands , the are spells such as phantom blade and black blade of disaster . You could even swap between staff of the magi, staff of rhynn and staff of striking (or even staff of the ram , later in the game) for further damage.

  • tobajastobajas Member Posts: 77
    You could always install Weimer's Item Upgrade mod, then you could make Staff of Elemental Mastery +5 though maybe not as good as the one you want it's quite nice. Enhanced Robe of the Archmagi, Girdle of Glory, Kitthix Figurine, Ring of Elemental Mastery and Sorcerian Ring (is especially nice) are also some nice items that also comes in this pack. There are already quite a few mods that adds quite a few powerfull and some overpowered items that you can either get or make you just have to look through some of the mods.

  • AskinwhobeAskinwhobe Member Posts: 16
    There is a mod called stuff of the Magi. It's pretty overpowered but it might suit your needs. I know there is a copy on sorcerer's place website. I haven't installed it in EE but as it is just items modded I don't think there should be a problem.

  • AmmellisanAmmellisan Member Posts: 19
    DLTC editor is your friend, super easy to do

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