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[Not an Issue] HELP! Disc No.2 for SoA?

Axenotis9Axenotis9 Member Posts: 15
edited January 2015 in Troubleshooting
Well I bought the "4 in 1 pack" from Amazon that includes Baldurs Gate, ToSC, SoA and ToB nearly 1 year ago.
I just finished the first one and I started SoA. I have heard that is an amazing game and I am really exciting to start it.

But when I open it sometimes it blocks my screen and asks for disc. 2. Yesterday it did this only when I was about to load. Today it did it, once I hit Play. I really don't know what to do and I am desperate for help. I did a little
search about it... And found nothing. Only that I need to re-install it. I did it. Still blocked me. I installed it as
full install (Both SoA and ToB) because I had a similar problem with Baldur's Gate 1. When it needed Disc No.2
I would put ToSC. And when I had Tosc inside and asked for disc.2 I would put Baldur's Gate. So I could play just fine. But this doesn't work for SoA. And believe me I had hardly touch them so they haven't been scratched. Both of them are shining.

Right now I have installed only SoA because it seems to ask me for Disc.2 less, but this can't be happening all the time. I need to solve the problem. I haven't progress the story. I am still in Irenicus dungeon because I was too frustrated to play (yesterday), and I won't play 'till I dealt with this. So if I need to re-install the game, anything to solve the problem. Also, I am a little computer noob. So sometimes just walk me through, don't laugh abou it ;D

Thank you for listening,

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,687
    For the 4-in-1 disk set I believe the third disc contains the SoA discs (1-4) and the fourth disc contains ToB (disc 5). The original's 4 cd's were repackaged onto 1 dvd without changing the game which means the message can be a little misleading. From memory the ToB disc is required on first run, and after that the SoA disc will probably suffice.

    If you check disc 3 in Windows Explorer it will have something like CD1, CD2, CD3 and CD4 folders. Your baldur.ini file should reflect this.

  • Axenotis9Axenotis9 Member Posts: 15
    I did a full install for ToB and started SoA with ToB DVD on the computer. It worked just fine. Thanks.

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