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To all of the fallen Bhaalspawn - ye be not alone!

NukefaceNukeface Member Posts: 91
edited January 2015 in Fan Creations
Hi y'all; new member, longtime forager in the underdark -

In a vain attempt to create a custom portrait I found my attempt, much like many of my failed Bhaalswine, to be utterly futile in that it, too, has apparently suffered from not being able to figure out a Fireball's AoE either. For all of my brethren and to all of our failed characters. To the pain of nuking yourself and your party, to the pain of being blown to bits for the first time from a lovable random mageling that seems like a god at the time but is just dust in the wind, I give to you what I like to call:

Nukeface the Grand Wizard of AoE Explodey Goodness and Happy Fun Times for All!




  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    Nice! Welcome to the forums!

  • NukefaceNukeface Member Posts: 91
    Aw, such a warm welcome! I'm blushing! Or possibly my face is on fire! Again!

    "It had been such an interesting day - I decided that Gorion's belt was exactly the pick-me-up I needed and a wonderful memento of our time together. My Belt of Wearthisoryouwilldiebecauseyoudonothavewhatittakestobeadecentwizard is a wonderful keepsake but it just doesn't have the same appeal as this mysterious belt with unexplained magical properties. I couldn't think of a good name for it so I just decided to call it what my teacher had written on the note when he "liberated" me from all that rigorous academic structure and sent me out to find my place in the world!

    What a great guy! Still not sure why he used quotations around the word "liberated" but some mysteries are mysterious.

    Oh, and just the other day I met a wonderful mage and a halfling who gave me a potion since my dad had just been murdered in front of me. I felt sad but getting potions from strangers really reminded me of when I was growing up in Candlekeep and all the times that wonderful bard would come to visit. I'm not sure how him giving me potions and having me stand bare-chested in a cellar helped him with his poetry but, boy-howdy, it sure was exciting! At least he said he was excited, I was mostly just cold.

    I always thought it was odd that he always told me not to tell anybody about his visits but I don't really understand music all that well.

    I feel like it really prepared me for the halfling's tendencies to stand over me and breathe heavily when I'm sleeping. I don't understand why Imoen is so distraught when it comes to interacting with those two. I think she's just a worry-wart so I keep telling her stories about trollops and plug tails. I used to think they bored her but she swears that the dead look in her eyes is just excitement. I'm still not sure what to make of the fact that she trembles at night as she begins yelling for the stories in her sleep. We should see a cleric soon if the fits don't pass.

    Tomorrow we are to reach the Friendly Arm Inn, where we will meet Khalid and Jaheira, for they have long been Gorion's friends and I can trust them. I feel the oddest sense of deja vu. Ah, well. I believe I shall wear Gorion's belt tomorrow so they might recognize me. I doubt anything terrible will happen on the steps of the Inn so I will just make sure to memorize the flashiest spells I can - it's always important to make a good first impression!

    Ah, yes - Fireball, Fireball, and Fireball. That should be sufficient! 'Twill be a glorious day!" - Last entry in Nukeface's Journal, but you wouldn't know that because it was incinerated utterly.

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