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Weird glitch when using NI

TimebombTimebomb Member Posts: 20
I was wondering if somebody could help me with a glitch I'm getting when using NI.

Here's what I'm doing: I'm reworking the Shapeshifter Druid to be more interesting and useful, so I'm adding a whole slew of forms for them to shift into. I'm also reworking the forms in NI so that they are balanced at all levels through the game. The idea is that they shun weapons and armor for their forms. So I'm tweaking each form's AC, Str, Dex, "weapon damage", as well as weapon enchantment level and +to hit and +to dmg for the "weapon"

When I do this though, things glitch out on the inventory screen when I equip things like the belt of hill giant strength. placing the item on the character increases the stat and thus damage properly for a split second, then gives a higher number for damage that doesn't seem relevant. if I click to unequip it (but don't drop it in the pack) it removes the weird number, then only when I place it down in the pack does it go back to normal (unequipped). I've also seen some weird things happen with the Ogre when tweaking his shapeshift form. equipping the belt shill change his color, oddly like this: color change on pickup of the belt, another color change on equip of belt, color change on pick off of belt, and another one when dropped in pack.

I'm at a loss as to what could be causing these glitches since I'm making VERY simple changes in NI. Anybody esle see anything like this before?


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