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EEkeeper problem.

SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
So I've installed BGee and IWDee on my new laptop and I've got a problem. Every time i start up EEkeeper i have to put in my installation and save folders before it starts, on my other laptop i did it once and then i never had to do it again. The only difference on the laptops is that this one is windows 8 and the other is windows 7, I'm using steam installation of BGee on both.

Any help? It's a bit annoying to browse my installation and save folder every single time.


  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Did you use the installer option or the Zip option? If you used the installer option, then it is probably located in (the default location) Program Files. Windows doesn't like when things write files (such as config files) to Program Files unless you've customised the User Account Control options, or disabled User Account Control, or are logged in as the Administrator account.

    If it is located in Program Files, I would suggest moving it to a different location. Documents, for example. Or a new folder on the drive; C:\EE Keeper\ or C:\IE Tools\EE Keeper\. I have a folder called IE Tools on my Z:\ network drive that contains most tools ever created, so they all go there.

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