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Co-op party recommendations

vnkwerjauvnkwerjau Member Posts: 28

my brother and myself will start coop-ing BGEE soon. My brother has no experience with the game; myself I have played a little of BG when it originally came out, but never completed it. But we both have coop-ed Icewind Dale together.

1.) If I remember correctly, then during the game more and more people join the party anyway. So should we start with only two characters initially, so that each of us has someone to control from the start, but so that the remaining four party slots are empty for characters joining later? Or should we use all six slots right from the start?

2.) What two or six, respectively, character configurations would you recommend?

3.) Are the premade characters a good choice? I really hate the process of character creation, so if there are ready-made usable characters that would be great. Or is there some place where useful characters can be downloaded?

Thank you very much in advance!


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,148
    I would recommend that whoever wants to be the mage/bard should host so that you can benefit from a familiar.
    The premade characters kinda suck for the most part. If you want to download some characters I would be happy to upload some of mine if you tell me what you are looking for.
    As for how to fill the party, that is up to you. You can either start with 2 and use NPCs for the rest or make your own 6 and ignore the NPCs. If you want to see some of the new content you may want to save room for the new characters as they are required for the new content.

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    edited February 2015
    1+3) The NPCs are fine but the premade characters suck. There are enough NPCs that there isn't a strong need to pick a particular NPC or PC Class, but you guys might want to mod the game to keep NPCs from leaving at a particular reputation.

    2) Honestly, just play whatever you want. I've heard the Druid and Rogue strongholds in the second game suck so whomever is not hosting may want to play a druid or a rogue. If you want to go with a canonical party (PC, Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid, Imoen, Dynaheir) then you might want to grab a Cleric (taking the PC slot) and a Mage (replacing Dynaheir, though @Tresset is correct, have someone that can take a familiar host). Just rescue her and get her killed off.

    2 Continued) If you tell us what classes you'd like to play we can help you work around them.

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  • vnkwerjauvnkwerjau Member Posts: 28
    Thanks a lot for your responses!

    I think we will go with two characters then and add NPCs to the party along the way, as this is how the game was meant to be played.

    Maybe I will go with a bard this time (I played a nice mage in Icewind Dale, so time for something new), and my brother can go with a druid or rogue (I will let him decide). Later when we encounter a mage NPC he can then play that one.

    @Tresset: Thanks a lot for the offer to upload some characters. Could you upload a bard, a druid, and a rogue? That would be great!
    CaptRory said:

    you guys might want to mod the game to keep NPCs from leaving at a particular reputation.

    How do we do that in EE?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,148
    Here we go. I uploaded 3 of my pregenerated characters. "Silva" is a shadowdancer, "Jroogan" is a totemic druid, and, uh, "Bard" is a blade (couldn't think of a name at the time). If these characters aren't to your tastes then I could always generate some for you.

  • vnkwerjauvnkwerjau Member Posts: 28
    Awesome, thanks!
    I am sure they will be fine, you guys are the experts. :smile:

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    Just don't take any evil characters into the party to start and you'll be good. :smiley:

  • vnkwerjauvnkwerjau Member Posts: 28
    Okay, thanks a lot to both of you, looking forward to the game!

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