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BG.EE EUROPE time Zone - Roleplay - starts Lvl 1 no items - Normal Difficulty

edited February 2015 in Multiplayer
My team is clean as an elven ass !

Hello ,

I would like to create a team of 4 or more players to play the game as a whole from the begining.

i play on PC

before starting we would need to make a connection check up to see if the game don't lag too much.

Time zone : Europe , I'm from France

Difficulty : Normal

No cheated charcaters , only minor changes with EEkeeper

make a charcater with flavour like the NPCs of the game, they have strentghs and weaknesses

no 18/00 18 18 18 15 10 stats
only one 18 or + stats

possible cutomisations ,only one in the list :

. 1 unusual spell like skill once a day ex: Dynaeir cure posion skill
. 1 unusual weapon skill for class : ex : Coran Longbow***
. 1 unusual Stat : ex : Kagain 20 Con , but only 16 strength

if you have another idea it is possible

Starts without gear except a stack of 10 healing potions and a non magical weapon

No special avatars.

No mods

We could use skype during the parties and roleplay our characters

If you are interested just write here or send me personal messages.

We will have to choose who will be the main charcater.

See you !

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  • CorvusRexCorvusRex Member Posts: 12
    with an elven female sorcerer ?

  • CorvusRexCorvusRex Member Posts: 12
    I'm not quite sure, but I will look that my Character will fit in the Group.

    I will maybe go fighter/illu gnome

    using mace and crossbow

    I can play any kind of char , but i don't like druid too much

  • MortaelMortael Member Posts: 33
    Hey, have you got 4 players yet?? If not, I would be interested :D

  • CorvusRexCorvusRex Member Posts: 12

    not yet, as it seems.
    You would be the third player to join :)

    edited February 2015
    Yes you can join us.

    My character is done


    Chaotic Good

    gnome fighter/illusionist

    STR 16
    Dex 14
    Con 16
    Int 17
    Wis 10
    Cha 12

    total :85

    Mace*** Single weapon style * ( will use stupefier +1 mace )
    dex should be at least 16 but it's an old gnome, so i put 14
    but he is short and alert ,so he got -1 armor class against ranged weapons

    gear : helmet, mace, tower shield, heavy crossbow + bolts, 5x healing potions
    15 gold


    early game : magic and close combat support
    mid and late game : melee tank, AOE spells an self buff spells

    required items : good archimage robe , bracers of protection, ring or amulet of protection +1
    potions of strength , potions of agility

    edit : reduced the Con

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  • MortaelMortael Member Posts: 33
    edited February 2015
    My plan for my character is somewhere roughly this:

    Sorcerer Elf, in RP, most likely a fairly skilled enchanter/natural caster due to elven heritage

    Neutral Good

    14 STR
    19 DEX
    16 CON
    12 INT
    12 WIS
    14 CHA

    Equipment: Nothing to start, most likely a small sack of coin (50-100gp)

    Proficiencies: Darts * Slings *

    Early Game: A variety of magic, perhaps not completely in control of his magic, hence why he is out adventuring; and ranged combat

    Mid-late game: focused more on both enchanting for support and evocation for damage dealing


    Looks like I just got a 92 roll!

    So, I got:

    16 STR
    19 DEX
    16 CON
    13 INT
    12 WIS
    16 CHA

    Hey Mortael

    max Dex, max Con( above 16 is useless on a Sorc), a good strentgh , it's a bit too strong,

    at start sorc just have 1 weapon proficiencie. you got 2 ?

    no weakness

    You should try to edit it

  • MortaelMortael Member Posts: 33
    edited February 2015
    I do actually only have 1 proficiency, (in darts, I forgot that Sorcerers only get 1 prof for the first level)

    I can make Con 14? I feel I need the strength just for convenience (carrying), but if necessary I could drop strength to 10 and add a little to wisdom/int?

    Actually, I could do this:

    10 STR
    19 DEX
    14 CON
    16 INT
    17 WIS
    12 CHA

    Proficiency: Darts * (I could change to slings, and decide to change to darts later?)

    Alignment: Changed to Lawful Neutral

    Name: Sirian Te'lyanolyn

    so my weakness would be my strength- a sacrifice! But haha xD

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  • CorvusRexCorvusRex Member Posts: 12
    edited February 2015
    After thinking about which character could be fun and useful to play, i made up my mind to play an assassin. As the group still got no thief.

    Name: Morwen
    Race: female Halfling
    Class: Thief (Assassin Kit)
    Attitude: Chaotic Good


    Str: 15
    Dex: 19
    Con: 16
    Int: 10
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 15

    Total: 85

    Thief Skills:

    Move Silently (50)
    Hide in Shadows (50)
    Open Locks (35)
    Pick Pockets (35)
    Find Traps (30)
    Set Traps (10)
    Detect Illusions (0)


    Short Sword *
    Shortbow *


    Leather Armor
    Short Sword
    Arrows (80)
    Potion of Healing (5)


    Set Trap (1)
    Poison Weapon (1)
    Invisibility (1) [Made this as her perk, tell me if it's okay]


    She's an assassin, so she will train her skills to kill silently and effectively. In combat, she
    attacks foes from behind or go in long range combat using her bow.
    She will also train her skills in finding Traps and maybe even setting them.

    Required Gear:

    Shadow Armor, Boots of Stealth, Cloak of Non-Detection, Toxic Weapons, Potions of

    edited February 2015
    ok for both

    When can you guys play ?

    Do you know other serious players who would like to join us ?

  • MortaelMortael Member Posts: 33
    Corvus, we could persuade BadMoon to come join us? He's a pretty serious player as far as I know. Also, I'm free on Fridays/Weekends, I have Uni and work, so it's all about juggling the hours xD I can do Mondays quite well as well, as long as it's evening+

    I know Badmoon,I played with him, would be great if he join us.
    Evening but evening where ? Europe ?

    edited February 2015
    created another gnome

    without using the + and - , just pure stats rolls
    weaker of course than the previous , but still a good character
    removed the mace***, instead got mace**


    Neutral Good

    gnome fighter/illusionist

    STR 14
    Dex 16
    Con 15
    Int 16
    Wis 09
    Cha 11

    total :81

    Mace** Two weapon style** ( will use stupefier +1 mace ,then go dagger** )

    he is short and alert ,so he got -1 armor class against ranged weapons

    gear : helmet, 2 maces, 5x healing potions , gem bag ( he's the best suited to take care of gems !)
    15 gold


    early game : magic and close combat support
    mid and late game : melee tank, AOE spells an self buff spells

    required items : good archimage robe ,magic maces, daggers, bracers of protection, ring or amulet of protection +1
    potions of strength , potions of fortitude, scrolls

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  • humaenisthumaenist Member Posts: 5
    edited February 2015
    Hello, i am fairly new to this forum, i have always only played without venturing here

    i really love this idea of role playing, not just getting 18 18 18 18 18 3

    as i have noticed there is no healer? i really enjoy playing a cleric, preferably a fighter/cleric

    there is just a little tweak i use when playing it - fighter/cleric sword restriction, which allows me to play my beloved character with a double-handed sword (makes it look epic, and more realistic)

    he would be like this:


    any alignment, prefer chaotic good, neutral good, chaotic evil (depends on the party)

    dwarf fighter/cleric

    some random stats (by random i mean what dice decided, no changing!), focusing on wisdom and constitution ofc (i will try to make him normal and a bit weaker than my usual characters)

    his bio:

    he had a brother once, they both were berserkers, then in one fierce battle his brother dies while clenching the sword he held dearest, akuma loses his mind and goes crazy falling onto ground later from a shock, afterwords he forgets everything (he unconsciously blocks the memories tho). He sets himself on the path of a healer. There is but one thing he is certain of. Strange as it may sound he, the priest, cant rest assured without carrying a sword. Thus he created a strong bond with this kind of weapon.

    there is an official tweak allowing this

    he is not that strong, unable to put proficiency points in any weapons but two-handed (range weapons restricted), on the other hand being able to cast few druid spells inaccessible to clerics makes him, according to me, a balanced class


    also, there is one thing i believe and that is arcane casters ruining the multiplayer game, and it is not that fun later having a mage pause the game every few seconds after casting improved alacrity to make the best use of it, and then these people who say: "i want a mage, i want a mage, no i want a sorcerer" kind of make me sad, so:

    would not that be more interesting to rely more on your weapons than spells? just think about it! having a party of people who are not that good at spell casting

    here are examples of what i mean: a fighter, cleric, druid, thief, paladin, ranger, monk!, or berserker. (and of course, any combination of these)

    no sorcerers or necromancers soloing the bosses later in the game with two spells just because "spells are fun", and although i am saying all this, i love playing a sorcerer, and i enjoy it, but playing it with other people on skype would be like.. eh.. indescribable if i might say..

    so here is an idea:

    would you be willing to play it more like "sword and shield" style?

    you know, more like a good book, a typical dwarf with a shield accompanied by a fighter rushing into a battle, followed by an elven druid and all of them having their backs watched by a ranger or a thief hiding in the shadows, would not that be more fun?

    don't take any of this personally, i just spoke my mind, you might not even have a free place for me anymore and here talking i am, not to mention this foolish idea of mine.

    after all, as one great man said: "Magic is impressive. But, now, Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!"

    Hello Humaenist,

    Thank you for your interest for this post.

    I got no news from the other guys who want to play. So i don't know if we will play or not, it seems that it is very hard to find a team for multiplayer game.

    A fighter/cleric dwarf with a good Con a descent Str and average Wis is already a very nice charcater, no need for the two handed sword and druid spells. It is too far away from the original class.
    And a tank would be nice, so a full plate dwarf with a flail or morningstar and a shield will be a good addon to the team.

    Too much magic can ruin the game.
    My fighter/mage will have to cast many personal buffs ( armor, mirrored image, strenght etc..) to be effective in battle , so I will have few spell slots for damaging/cursing the enemies.

    Hope to get news of the other players

  • oldman42oldman42 Member Posts: 27
    Heya, its me, an old man ;) German, no Mods, no Skype, no Eeek..keeper. Can take whatever the dices give me, and i got some time to slay. So, tell me about time/game name and what class your team is missing. Lurking for response...

    Hello oldman42,

    as i said to humaneist i got no news from the other players,
    I am desperatly trying to creat a team for playing multiplayer games, BG1 BG2 and IWDEE

    Corvusrex is german too

    I'm from France , i can play tomorrow

    if you want to play just contact me on private message to set a game, we can stay in contact an fix a date and hour

  • humaenisthumaenist Member Posts: 5
    what does Temnozoran mean?

  • CorvusRexCorvusRex Member Posts: 12

    I have to agree with TEMNOZORAN that a dwarven fighter/cleric with proficiencies in two-handed swords and access to druid spells is too far away from the given restrictions of the game. (But I really like the idea)

    Do you have any other ideas for a character? I would like to hear them :)

  • humaenisthumaenist Member Posts: 5
    I read a lot, so when it comes to chars i have got some ideas. When I was a kid i always tried to come up with someone unique.

    You say it is too far away from the restrictions? Let me explain you something. I have beaten the game on nightmare difficulty not just with one class. We all have. We all know all the possibilities. Do we seriously have to abide the rules even while roleplaying in multiplayer. Do we really have to bound ourselves to these?

    Why cant we just create something unique? Why cant we have fun and experience a different side of this game?

    PS: I only wanted one stupid lvl 4 druid spell...

  • kedelilinkedelilin Member Posts: 1
    hi there.. is there a way to reach you other than this forum? thinking about installing the game. bg is the first game ever installed on my computer in 1999 so I feel quite excited for being able to play it in a multiplayer fashion years later.. :smile:

    edited February 2015
    It would be possible to add spells and abilities only if you remove others:

    exemple a cleric with a two handed sword and a druid spell should for exemple get a restriction on armor
    he can't for exemple wear heavy armor, not even the ankheg plate
    the best armor available is studded leather, and his wisdom should be no more than 14, so he got no bonus spells.
    It is just an exemple for playing a character with strengths and WEAKNESSES not in his original class.

    to be short : if you add some skills and powers you have to remove others.

    if you want ideas for creating very unusual but not overpowered character you should take a look at this book:


    TSR Ad&d 2nd

    I found mine on ebay, it is the same edition as the rules of BG1 and BG2

    It provide a lot of ideas for cutomising characters , it also includes rules for some races ( ex: Drow,Duergar) who were not playable before.

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    For now we are 4, Kedelilin you are welcome too

  • humaenisthumaenist Member Posts: 5
    Alright, then i am not playing with a 2H-sword, i will stick to this infamous flail of ages in my right hand and some morning star in my left hand which will result into applying more buffs on the wearer (which is me :hushed: ) and even more debuffs on the enemies. I have absolutely no problem with this. Solo monster confirmed.

    The flail of ages is in BG2, not in BG1 , if you want the two handed sword you have to remove some skills

    And if you find the game too easy then just install SCS sword cost stratagems, and other difficulty increasing mods, you will see that just getting out of the prison is a real pain ! and the fight againts the big mage of the games are really hard

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