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HELP! Mod Install Order

carldvl666carldvl666 Member Posts: 9
Hello, I need help, I'm trying to mod BGEE BGIIEE and IWDEE, when I was a wee little happy geek I played the originals but didn't know about mods. Now that I bought the Enhanced Editions, I wish to play the mods but every time I try a new install order I get an error. Please help me! I'm going to list the mods I've downloaded with their forum link and tell me if they're the same you have, then what order did you used; or if not then what order of installation you recommend.

-Battle Enhancer Mod
-Sword Coast Stratagems
-Neera Expansion
-Deidre and Joluv in BG:EE
-More Style for Mages
-TeamBG's Armor Pack
-TeamBG's Weapon Pack
-Teleport Spell
-Dark Horizons
-Drizzt Saga
-Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters
-Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters
-The Lure of the Sirine's Call,17901.0.html?PHPSESSID=3c8d7ffea2eff99b29c8d016fd874966
-T'was a Slow Boat from Kara-Tur
-Scales of Balance
-BG2 Tweak Pack
-Charan's Max Hit Points Rolls
-Difficulty and Tweak
-Leveled Spawns Mod
-Revised World Map
-TeamBG's Level 40 Rule Set/High Level Abilities
-BP Series Party AI

-More Style for Mages
-TeamBG's Armor Pack
-TeamBG's Weapon Pack
-Scales of Balance
-Tales of the Deep Gardens
-Dungeon Crawl
-Back to Brynnlaw
-The Sellswords
-I Shall Never Forget
-Adalon's Blood
-CoM Encounters
-Vampire Tales
-Banter Packs
-IEP Extended Banters
-Unfinished Business
-Almateria's Restoration Project
-The Wheels of Prophecy
-Romantic Encounters
-The Gibberlings 3 Anniversary Mod
-BG2 Tweak Pack
-Sword Coast Stratagems
-BP Series Party AI

-More Style for Mages
-Scales of Balance
-No Restrictions
-House Rules for IWD:EE
-BG2 Tweak Pack
-IWD NPC v5 for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition,29278.0.html
-Minor NPC Portraits for IWDEE

I'm open to other suggestions as well, if I need to delete some mods of the list or anything else, please HELP!


  • BanArdBanArd Member Posts: 60
    I've always used the install order below and neved had a problem:

    1. Non-WeiDU mods (GUI/Cosmetic Changes)
    2. Item/Store mods
    3. Quest mods (Unfinished Business)
    4. Banter/Friendship mods for existing NPCs (BG1NPC)
    5. New NPCs
    6. Kit/Spell mods
    7. Tweak/AI mods (BG2 Tweaks > Rogue Rebalancing > Erg Npcs > SCS > BPSeries > aTweaks)

  • carldvl666carldvl666 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks, I'll have to see where each one falls on those categories an try that

  • Tomato9999Tomato9999 Member Posts: 30
    edited January 2015
    I painfully spent several days trying to figure out what works for me as well. But smth along the lines of the above post should work. When I installed mine I used BigWorldProject PDF which basically tells you the order of all mods and all the incompatabilities. Like it tells you that for some mods in WEIOU you have to disable certain things otherwise it will be incompatible. Find that pdf and install mods in the order it tells you and youre set. should be somewhere on this site

    Note that the most important when it comes to order of mods, is at the last stage when youre installing tweaks and stuff. And rogue rebalancing should be done AFTER SCS

    Also, regarding above post, I think you should first install all quests and stuff and then NPC's and only then items/stores. At least thats what some pro-advise I got which I cant link right now because I forgot where I got this from

    but anyways as I said, again, the only real place you could go wrong is all the tweaks and stuff at the last stage. As I understand, each tweak takes precendence over the previous tweak, and some tweaks are completely incompatible with another tweak while some are meant to exist with another tweak

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