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Fixpack - extra components safe?¿

Heya! =)

Theres mention that core and beta core of the fixpack are already included in the EEs, however some components are pretty much a MUST as well, but those are not mentioned if can/could be installed or are already there somewhere.. so I have to ask, for example:

Improved Spell Animations -> Theres no reason why anyone would play without it, still I "guess" I should install cause BGEE and BG2EE don't come with the improvements??

The same "guessing" goes for most of the extra components (Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior, Additional Alignment & Script Fixes, Giants Penalties When Attacking Small Races, Shapeshifting Pawns Can Not Be Dispelled.. list goes on, refer to previous link for full readme).

And even though majority would not install "Game Text Update" component over BGEE (since its likely a component for BG2) I wouldn't be surprise if some people actually do it, as the installer is supposed to be used on BGEE as well but doesn't present information in a friendly manner.

So can anyone attest to the safety and/or presence of all/any of these components in the current EEs??
Btw I'm gonna Bump this until I get an answer (should post on fixpack forum too, but that place looks like it could take a while for an answer =PP)



  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    Actually, the vast majority of the components in BG2 Fixpack have a block to prevent installation on BGEE. It is unfortunately ineffective, since the file doesn't exist in BGEE, but the intent of the block is clear.
    REQUIRE_PREDICATE NOT FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~oh3500.are~  @27 // not needed for BGEE
    I wouldn't try to install any of the components with the block. You could try opening the .tp2 file with a text editor and doing a search & replace on:

    FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~oh3500.are~

    and replace it with the following for BGEE:

    FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~oh1000.are~

    or this for BG2EE:

    FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~oh4000.are~

    This would make the block effective.

  • MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
    As always you're very helpful, much obliged!

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