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WeiDU and sound files for SAY

ggallegherggallegher Member Posts: 74
edited March 2015 in General Modding
Hey, folks.

I've been playing and enjoying @CaloNord 's Cleric/Ranger NPC Ellyrian in BGEE. One thing bothered me, though, and that was the lack of any audio responses to selections and commands.

So I made a complete soundset in .wav format for the character, adapted from my work on converting the Neverwinter Night PC and NPC voicesets to the Infinity Engine games. However, something's gone horribly wrong.
In a clean install of the game and mod with soundset, in a new game, a freshly recruited Ellyrian no longer has a name (which can be added back using EE Keeper) and uses the game's vanilla Female 5 vocieset rather than the provided custom one.

Would anyone be willing to take a quick look at my botched attempt and provide a wee bit of instruction in what's amiss? Many thanks.


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