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Asking for help making a Blade portrait. (I can't photoshop)

Hey, everyone! It's been awhile. I'm getting back into Baldur's Gate after finishing IWD:EE, and want to make a kick-ass Blade. I know who I want the portrait to be of, (an actress in a show) but I can't find any good pictures of her that aren't a bad angle or low quality.

Her name is Victoria Smurfit, and she plays a vampire hunter in the 2013 show Dracula called Lady Jayne Wetherby. I have an imgur page with a bunch of snapshots I took from the first season episodes. If anyone can help me take a good picture where she has a victorian dress on, and photo-shop a katana in her hands, I would love you forever.

I asked on reddit a couple hours ago, but I don't think many people there really want to do a Baldur's Gate photoshop request, heh. Not a priority. That one got solved in 13 minutes. Cuz, you know. Hawt girl.

Thanks in Advance!

Here's my imgur page with lots of Lady Jayne:



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