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The Ultimate Evil of the Tower (big spoilers)

TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,971
edited December 2012 in Fan Creations
Hey all! I decided to create a save game file! Aren't I talented?

Anyway, the story is as follows: Yon brave adventurer by name of Gorkellion has just led his fearless party to the bottom of Durlag's Tower. After fighting mighty ghouls and weathering traps and riddles alike, the ghost of Durlag himself has finally deemed Gorkellion and friends capable of handling the great evil that has seized control of his tower. But can they succeed in defeating this horrible beast?

Objective: This is my reworking of the final battle of D's tower I made the final boss far more difficult and annoying to deal with. It is basically just my save game file from my current playthrough of BG:EE with some minor modifications to the aforementioned battle. Be warned though If you have never played through D's tower THIS WILL SPOIL THE ENDING!!! READING THE BELOW REACTIONS WILL ALSO LIKELY SPOIL THE ENDING OF THE FILE I MADE!!! And my final warning: I was feeling particularly sadistic when I decided to make this. You have been warned.

Basically there is nothing that makes the game in this save file different from BG:EE other than the final boss of the tower and if you so desired to pick up where I left off in the game you could (no idea why you'd want to though). You will also have to face this battle with my main char and his party (don't worry, he isn't a gimp) and won't be able to use a different one. I lack proper development and editing tools soooo yeah.

Credit goes 99.9999999999999% to the makers and developers of the original BG and BG:EE combined. I did the rest (yay).

To install this file simply unzip it and put the folder in your save games folder for BG:EE (I do believe the sticky thread tells you more about this)

Please don't hate me for this... Remember I warned you...

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