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Weimer's Anti-Paladin

Hi, does anyone know how to get the Anti-Paladin kit from Weimer's Tactics mod to work? I can install it, and it appears as a Fighter kit, but it's grayed out and can't be selected.


  • Rylorn23Rylorn23 Member Posts: 77
    I don't how make this mod work with EE version. But I think, it's also pointless, because there is already blackguard kit, which I am really happy with. I only tried install item upgrade and it works (but only after you install some mod first and then item upgrade mod). The only thing, I would take from Tactics mod is Anti-paladin's unholy reaver and replace it with Ir'revrykal. Because Ir'revrykal is not that good like this Unholy reaver. Item upgrade also have Soul Reaver +6: Unholy Avenger, which is more powerful than Unholy reaver.

    Ir'revrykal abilities:

    Immunity to charm, 50% chance dispel magic on hit, thaco +5 and damage 1d10 +5, +5 magic damage against good creatures.

    Unholy Reaver from Tactics:

    Immunity to charm and psionics, dispel magic on every hit (100%), thaco +5 and damage 1d12 +5, +5 dam. vs good creatures.

    Soul Reaver +6:

    +50% magic resistance, dispel magic on every hit, thaco +6 and damage 1d12 +6, +1d6 magic damage, target receives cumulative -2 THACO penalty each hit for 120 seconds.

    Anti-paladin is just a fighter kit with some inquisitor's abilities and can be only evil. It was really cool mod, before I found Morrow gate mod, which will allow your fallen paladin retain his/her abilities and rename title "fallen paladin" to Dark paladin or Blackguard.

    I don't even know, if Weimer is still working with his mods on

  • unholy_avengerunholy_avenger Member Posts: 29
    I need the anti-paladin because I want my warrior MC to be different from Dorn and Korgan. Also, I need someone other than Edwin to disable magical protection on enemies. This mod you've suggested could also do the trick, does it work with BGEE?

  • dockaboomskidockaboomski Member Posts: 435
    One of the issues with kit mods when it comes to the EE is the assignation of class-specific colors, something that any mod made for older versions becomes incompatible. That's why it's grayed out. I'm not sure how to fix it, though.

  • dockaboomskidockaboomski Member Posts: 435
    In original BG2, any character created had the same hair, skin, major, and minor colors, regardless of race or class. In the EEs, this changes, and since the Anti-Paladin presumably hasn't been updated to have specific colors, it cannot be selected.

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,094
    Try making a regular fighter, and then add the kit manually via EEKeeper (+all kit abilities). That could work.

    On a side note, Weimer's AP is *the* most overpowered class I have ever seen ;)

  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,419
    I personally find the Antipaladin really lazy and boring.
    It's basically "take the Inquisitor, make him evil, done".

    I like that we FINALLY got a proper Blackguard/Antipaladin with spells and Command Undead.

  • Rylorn23Rylorn23 Member Posts: 77
    I agree with Archaos. The blackguard kit already took the roles as Anti-paladin and knight of darkness. But what I really want, is to have more evil npc characters in the BG2EE, for balanced and well forged party. Also make Unholy Reaver powerful like Carsomyr+5. But anti-paladin's unholy reaver from Tactics is something, what suits me well. Ir'revrykal is weak and Dorn can stick his Abyssal Blade somewhere.

    But if there was some way, how put Weimer's unholy reaver to the override folder without CLUAConsole and make it usable by blackguard, that would make me really happy.

    If someone can make such a mod, I add file here. Thanks.

  • Rylorn23Rylorn23 Member Posts: 77
    Ok, I tried put Unholy reaver from tactics to the override folder and there is a bug.

    When I check the sword in the Near Infinity, I found this text in Identified description:

    Dorn's right. If people find out what we've been party to, we're done for. It's not like they'll give a drow the benefit of any doubt.

    I think it's Viconia dialogue from Dorn's stupid quest.

    What a shame...

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,094
    Archaos said:

    I personally find the Antipaladin really lazy and boring.
    It's basically "take the Inquisitor, make him evil, done".

    Except it's a fighter, so it gets Grandmastery and can dual-class.

    Oh and it casually adds a no-save automatic dispel to EVERY SINGLE ATTACK. Completely fair :P

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