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Help with the Polar Bear spirits - loads of spoilers.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but I need some serious help on the Burial Isle. After I have the conversation with the Polar Bear Guardian Spirit, I keep losing the battle. So I have some questions.

1/. I keep getting nuked with a racking pain spell. Is this a new feature to IWDEE (I can't remember it from the old IWD, but then again I do have some serious memory problems). Is there anyway to counter it, or protect against it?

2/. I can't get enough feedback about what damages the spirits from the dialogue box. I know that Magic Missilies work, but I can't tell about other magic damage such as fire from various swords. I do get messages telling me they a magic resistant, but it doesn't specify which particular magic they are resisting. Are they sucspetible to stuff like Confusion or Malison?

3/. What weapons work best against them?

4/. Do they count as undead?


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