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Essential mods

trasktrask Member Posts: 4
Hi all,

So I've just discovered BG:EE and am blown away! I loved these games and played through a few times when they first came out. I only just heard about tutu from a friend and was going to try my hand at that when I learned of BG:EE and am stoked to see a dev put time into keeping these classics alive (Really hope you bring out IWD2 ;) )

My question is, with BG:EE, what mods does everyone consider 'essential' mods. That is, I'm not after anything that changes the core storyline or makes the game too easy, but just enhances the fantastic work the devs have put into this game. I'm really only after stable mods that are well tested and relatively bug free.

Thanks very much for any responses!


  • dockaboomskidockaboomski Member Posts: 435
    The BG1 NPC Project. This mod alone is amazing; gives banters and interactions to all the NPCs. Sword Coast Stratagems is really good too, if you are looking to make the game harder.

  • trasktrask Member Posts: 4
    Thanks dockaboomski, I've grabbed both of those mods and installed em. They look great. Cheers bud!

  • st_live418st_live418 Member Posts: 41
    I'm a fan of Rogue Rebalancing for a lot of reasons, but specifically what it does for bards.

  • trasktrask Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2015
    That sounds like a great mod mate. According to the description though it seems to be for BG2. Does it work with 1 as well?

  • st_live418st_live418 Member Posts: 41
    trask said:

    That sounds like a great mod mate. According to the description though it seems to be for BG2. Does it work with 1 as well?

    It does. I believe there are a few parts of the mod that don't (specifically ones concerning HLAs), but all of the components that I was concerned about work just fine. Keep in mind I am running BG:EE and I can't say for sure if it works on ALL versions of BG1 (but I think it does).

  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,419
    BG1 NPC Project absolutely.

    Still waiting for an official and stable release for Ascension though.
    It makes ToB what it should have been: Challenging.

  • trasktrask Member Posts: 4
    Thanks guys, I'll look at Ascension when I get to ToB. Playing through with the SCS and it's making the game a lot tougher than I remember. I've been crumped at every turn. Going to have to start avoiding a lot of combat I think.

  • SmilingSwordSmilingSword Member Posts: 827
    BG1 NPC Project is a must and SCS is a lot of fun.

  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 290
    You may appreciate some of the BG2 Tweaks components, such as higher stacks of items. I can't live without that.

  • jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 7,711
    After going through and researching a bunch at one time or another I've come to this conclusion: For BG1, I go with the NPC Project and the small Gibberlings Quest Pack. For BG2, Ascension and Wheels of Prophecy. These are great additions, but subtle ones that blend right into the game, and make it better.

    As for challenge, obviously you have SCS for both games (which essentially makes the game brand new if you have only played it on regular difficulty). If you want a step up from that (and a way to make every play a new experience) you can throw in the Item Randomizer.

    Honestly those six mods stand head and shoulders above for me. There are already enough NPCs to choke a horse. NPC Project turns BG1 into a adventure that is more alive, and every character is written perfectly. The quest pack is on such a small scale that it really blends into the simple nature of much of the first game. Ascension and Wheels of Prophecy are practically canon at this point. And both SCS and the Item Randomizer are extremely polished, well-made overhauls that extend the life of both games by hundreds of hours.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    edited April 2015

    There are already enough NPCs to choke a horse.

    This is the only thing I disagree with. In addition to basic tweaks from BG2Tweaks, aTweaks, S&S,RR, etc., and great content mods like BG1 NPC Project and Questpack etc, I always add about 10 NPCs per game and a heap of kit mods. They are purely additive, they take nothing away. There are NPCs I've installed every time, but never even played! That is perhaps a bit ridiculous, but it doesn't harm anything and it gives me the option to pick them up mid-stride if I feel like it later.

    My general rule for that stuff (kits and NPCs) is, the more underpowered the better. No NPCs with stats over 18, no 3E/4E power-fantasy kits (:cough:blackguard) just basic stuff that is easy to ignore if I feel like it.

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