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Lore and increased abilities

Hello! Does anyone knows if lore increases when you increase character abilities during gameplay by using tomes for example in bg ee 1 or Machine of Lum the Mad in watcher's keep in bg ee 2, or is it a one-time bonus at character creation.
So I mean if lore modifiers from wisdom and intellegence applies when increasing abilities during gameplay.
For example: My character reads a tome of wisdom and gains + 1 to wisdom, so that his wisdom now = 15 (it was = 14 before reading a tome) and characyer's lore modifier now is +5 instead of 0 - does that increases your lore to +5 or does lore modifier stays the same as it was (equal to 0), because, as written in the manual: "lore modifier is a one-time bonus at character creation"???


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