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My conjurer and his constitution.

diogojindiogojin Member Posts: 25
I'm replaying the BG1 (I love this game ) and this time I made a conjurer (YEAH!!!). Then I rolled the following status:

My Char is a human, Chaotic good alignment.
Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 18 (now i have 19, you know, i used the tome)
Int: 18 (19 with the tome)
Wis:15 (18 with the tome) (I plan to use the spell wish in BG2)
Cha: 14: (15 with the tome and 17 with the cloak)

So I started playing , I am currently near the end of the game , I noticed that even though I have a high constitution, the bonus per level is still +2. I forgot the hitpoints bonus is only for warrior type character , if I use the Claw of Kazgaroth will correct my mistake ? (You know, -2 con but AC bonus and saving throws).

sorry my horrible english.


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