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Interactive Map of the Sword Coast (NWN2 PW)

So I'm working on an interactive map of the Sword Coast region, located between Waterdeep and the Cloudpeak Mountains. It is for Baldur's Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles; a PW server for Neverwinter Nights 2. But since the server is based off the original Baldur's Gate, a lot of the areas will look familiar to those accustomed to Baldur's Gate (although some places are server specific).

You can find the server's forums at

Why not drop a comment to share what you think of the map? Or visit the BGTSCC forums if you're interested in a PW server for NWN2.



  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,162
  • DaerRaghDaerRagh Member Posts: 5
    Thank you, Elminster. I try. :)

  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,100
    This is awesome. Thank you!

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    edited April 2015
    @DaerRagh Hey it is like that thing I posted about your private server from the same place a while back but better!
    Hey I was going to ask who made the map since I just clicked the links an acutely studied the areas. I admit to getting a cold up my spine when I saw the Elven settlement and the abandoned mine in the Wood of Sharp Teeth for I did a similar type of idea of my own design a while ago for a 'long to the works' Baldur's Gate Fan-made Expansion of mine: "Path of the Lost Odyssey". The 'Déjà vu': Krus and Saccus are short folk based in Beregost whom open up a recluse Elven settlement with a mine with potential (and a abandoned mine in the cloud peaks) in the wood of sharp teeth to sell non-corrupted metal goods in the early chapters of Baldur's Gate.

    Take a Look at my map and look at yours. I am very creeped out in an awesome way:

    Note: Right-Click The Images and Selected "Open Image in a New Tab" for a bigger and better Image Experience:-)!

    Some parts of these maps can be as old as 2013.

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