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Nothing but praise for BG:EE! Thank you devs!

Hi, everyone, I've been out of touch for about a year and a half. My wife and I decided to go on a year-long internet/computer/television "fast" as a new year's resolution. The fast ended in January, but we ended up going an extra few months because we found we didn't need/miss it as much as we thought we would.

We just got internet back so I downloaded BG:EE and BG2:EE last week, and started playing today for the first time (I hadn't wanted to play last time until after BG1NPC project was ready, which didn't happen until after our fast started). It's awesome!!

I can't accurately describe how absolutely impressed I am with the game! It's just incredible. It is clear that a lot of work went into the re-development of this game. Although I was very glad that someone was adopting the infinity engine games, I'll admit that I had doubts about whether or not BG1 could be as good as BGTutu. Let me just say that those doubts are gone. I may return to BGTutu eventually, which will always have a soft spot for me, but for now I'm totally digging BG:EE

The UI is beautiful, the game options are incredibly useful, and its a million times easier to install mods than BG1 ever was. It is obvious to me that the devs actually paid attention to and implemented the input from the fans (within the confines of what they could legally do), which is refreshing when held up to big-name gaming companies like ATARI (total nightmare, still in business?) or EA (OCD/controlling personal info leech). Can I also say that correcting the mistakes that were made during the early development stages of the game and turning the (often unconstructive) criticism into useful player input is a mark of intelligence.

Also, BG:EE's backdrops and terrains look as though they have been polished up, which I had thought was impossible because the original backdrop and terrain source files were lost. Were they found again, or did the devs just do what they could with what they had? I ask because that candlekeep is so much more fresh and good-looking than the candlekeep I played in BG1 all those years ago, or even BGTutu. I felt like I was exploring it for the first time. Or maybe I'm just overstimulated by coming off of my year long internet/computer game fast, lol.

Keep up the great work devs. I only just got out of candlekeep with Imoen, but I'm already loving it. Looking forward to playing all the infinity engine games.



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