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Wisdom spell slots for Paladins and Rangers

MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
edited May 2015 in Feature Requests

It never really occurred to me that Paladins and Rangers do not get access to MXSPLWIS.2da (table for spell slots based on Wisdom score).

Coding real-time extra wisdom slots via scripts is too much work and cost effective (delay and etc), so I would kindly request a way to link those classes to the mentioned 2da table.

Guess everyone will welcome this change, it is a great way to complement these classes and give value to an otherwise useless attribute.
Also, given the extra content/mods added to the game, characters advance well beyond what they usually did, spellcasting for these classes reaches a degree of importance (altough the basic class tables MXSPL*** are easily edited, the Wisdom limitation remains).

Plase make such a possibility to be viable through modding if impossible via "official means".

Thanks very much!



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