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Need help with custom spells- mutually exclusive "stances"

Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
I've been making a Bladesinger kit for some time now, but avoided the actual bladesong since it seemed like a pretty big project. Now I've got 6 spells, 2 for each of the 3 various bladesong styles, corresponding with 2 or 3 proficiency points in bladesinging.
They may gain a +1 bonus to their AC or, if they wish to spend an extra slot, may boost this bonus to +2 to their AC. That is the highest bonus those who choose blade-singing as an additional skill can attain. Or
They may gain a +1 to hit or, if they wish to spend an extra slot, may boost this to a +2 to attack. As with the AC bonus, +2 is the best they can hope for. Or
They may attack and parry in that same round, without wasting any additional attacks. Note that these three benefits are not cumulative; that is, practitioners cannot use all three at once. However, they do have the option of varying between these three options during the course of a combat.

So I've got a +1 & 2 AC and THAC0 bladesong, and the closest I could get to attacking a parrying in the same round was +1/2 APR and +1 APR, but I'm having two big problems:

1) I need these styles to be permanent when activated, but mutually exclusive. Only one of the three types, and only one level of it, should be active at any time, but setting the duration in DLTCEP has always confused me. I need activating one stance to deactivate another, but the only things I could think of to get this to work just made every bladesong have no effect whatsoever for some reason.

2) Ideally, no bladesong would be able to stack upon itself multiple times, but currently can as many times as you'd like, since each casting also refreshes the spell in the innate tab, as these styles are supposed to be interchangeable as many times as you'd like throughout the day.

Does anyone know how I can make one style remove the bonuses of every other style, and keep that style active 24/7 without fear of having multiple stacks of it up?
And on a side note, what do you think of my version of the attack and parry style? Close alternative, or OP?

Of course, if I can get this all to work, I might add a fourth button for simply having no active bladesong, but it seems a little silly that a Bladesinger would ever fight without it.


  • Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
    Sorry for the double post, but a little more info that may help-
    I'm trying to mimic spells like offensive/defensive spins and barbarian rage, which all use "Removal: Effects specified by Resource [321]" set to self and duration of 0. Both spins include themselves and the other spin, and barbarian rage includes itself among others, but when I add these effects to my spells by copying, pasting, and changing the resource, it makes the spells have no effect at all. This seems like the way these spells prevent both stacking and combining mutually exclusive abilities, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.image

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,135
    Opcode 321's need to be the first effect(s), before all other effects in the spell.

  • Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
    Wow, I never would've figured that one out on my own. They work perfectly now, thanks!

  • Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
    Everything works...except for one (last) problem. Rather than start a new thread or post in this 2 year old one (, I'll post here.

    I'd prefer the higher level spells to replace to lower level ones. I've included "Spell: Remove spell [172]" at the beginning, end, and even both for the extended effects of all the spells to no avail. I modified a copy of Lose All Bhaal Powers to remove the 3 low level spells using that and set it as an applied ability at the desired level using the CLAB 2da, but that didn't work either.
    My abilities are innate gained at level one only, and I know the Lose All Bhaal Powers removes innate spells, but nothing seems to be doing the trick for these.

    Do they have to be titled SPIN something? I feel like it could also be that simple, but at this point it's a lot to change and I'd like to be sure, especially if there's more naming conventions to it than just that, such as if anything can follow SPIN or if it has to be some 3 digit number to be recognized as an innate spell to remove.

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,135
    Opcode 172 does behave differently depending on the file-name of the spell to be removed, specifically the length of the file-name. The prefix/numbering is not relevant for this opcode.

    8 character file-name spell/abilities will only have the already spent memorization's removed.

    7 or less character file-name spell/abilities will have all instances of itself removed.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,466
    edited June 2015
    Oh my god I wish I knew that last year.

    @Abdel_Adrian while the length of the name matters as kjeron described, the name itself does not. No need to use "SPINxxx" - in fact you really really shouldn't name your files that way, for compatibility's sake. Another mod might come along and use the same name, and overwrite your file. Or your mod might overwrite someone else's.

    Thus, you should go register at, and reserve yourself a prefix in the community mod prefix database, and then use your prefix as the first couple letters of every file you add to the game. For instance, all of my custom files start with "d5_"

    EDIT - also, be aware that using opcode 321 means your mod won't work in the non-EE version of the game. It will probably cause a crash, so I would advertise this as an EE-specific mod.

    Post edited by subtledoctor on
  • Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
    @kjeron you're a life saver! They're all SONGxxx, but 2/3rds are 8 characters. Thanks so much.

    @subtledoctor yeah I'm trying to keep compatibility in mind, but my mod is exclusive to the enhanced editions. I'll definitely check out blackwyrmlair, thanks.

  • Abdel_AdrianAbdel_Adrian Member Posts: 428
    You helpful people wouldn't by any chance also know how to change the text next to a special effect icon? I extracted STATES.BAM, but I don't see how the icons are linked to text.

    Also, on the topic of text and compatibility, I've had to use string_set a few times, how can I ensure this is compatible with other mods? I've had to use this a few times for custom strrefs on things other than items.

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