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Add control options that are used in te BG EE on Android and iOS to version windows?

Is there anyone who knows how to add control options that are used in te BG EE on Android and iOS to version windows?
Specifically, I'm talking about distancing and zooming through tweaks, moving the location of the screen with a finger and an additional button, which means objects, lockers, doors and the like.
I ask because one adds Yoga Tablet 2 with Win 8.1, I installed on the BG EE version on windows. I have a keyboard and mouse. It is possible to play using the touch screen but scrolling of the world is very difficult. By adding control and options with Android version / iOS would be perfectly


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    If you have a mouse, you can hold down the middle mouse button to pan the screen. Scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel zooms in or out (respectively). Is that what you're looking for?

    Windows tablets aren't officially supported, which is why you won't see many of the same touch features found on iOS or Android.
  • BoberBober Member Posts: 3
    I know that I use in this way the mouse.
    But I do not want to use the mouse and keyboard, I just want to play using the touch screen. I know also that the version of Windows does not support control as in the case of an android and ios, but maybe some patch solved the problem.
  • TravelleriTravelleri Member Posts: 32
    I really would like this option as well, since I just ordered Lenovo Yoga 2 and the first two games that came to my mind were BGEE and Civilization 5. ☺ I've played BGEE on my Ipad but rebought BGEE 1 and 2 from Steam sale, in case I would like to mod the game a bit. Anyways... I would love it if we would get the touch controls for Windows as well. Is it possible? ☺
  • TravelleriTravelleri Member Posts: 32
    Does anyone with a say about things read these?
  • TravelleriTravelleri Member Posts: 32
    One month later and no answer...
  • slowpingslowping Member Posts: 2
    Sadly, I don't think Beamdog will ever work on this, given the low ROI for porting/testing this.
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