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I decided to fight a dragon

Millerguy74Millerguy74 Member Posts: 44
so i finished up chapter 2 and talked to someone named firkraag and he sent me to the windspear hills so i run around a dungeon hacking at things then i save for what looks like the final fights room (Not knowing there was a dragon in there) i go there and challenge the dragon not knowing how hard it is here is my current party
Me Illutionist level 15 thief 18 (sorry i messed up with the levels sorry :( )
Cernd Shapeshifter level 15
Anomen Fighter level 7 cleric level 15 (lawful Good)
Nalia Thief level 4 Mage level 15
Minsc ranger level 16
(still saving a spot for neera)
So any tips
P.S. Where do you get neera
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  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,903
    Your party is fully capable of taking on Firkraag. It won't be easy, though. Try out all your buffs, including all the protection from fire you can possibly get (100% won't be quite enough), and maybe you could take him on.

    If you don't mind reloading, there are a couple of ways to kill dragons at your level that are extremely simple.

    Finger of Death works on dragons, including Firkraag. So does Feeblemind, which also dooms Firkraag if he fails his save. You might lower his magic resistance with Lower Resistance, Pierce Magic, and/or Pierce Shield once your mages gain a level. Greater Malison and Doom can be blocked by magic resistance, but if they get past Firkraag's MR, then they'll make your Finger of Death and Feeblemind spells more likely to work. You'll know Feeblemind worked when Firkraag shines yellow for a second.

    Note that Feeblemind is affected by Dispel Magic, so don't cast that anywhere near him if you hit him with Feeblemind.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Summon a couple of useful helpers (e.g. have Cernd summon you an Elemental or two ... and especially a Deva if he took that as his HLA on reaching level 15). Your protagonist + Nalia should Stoneskin themselves, and Cernd should cast Iron Skins. Cast other relevant individual protections, such as Protection from Fire, Fireshield, etc. Buff up in the obvious "general toughness" ways - Protection from Evil, Chant, Bless, and in particular Resist Fear and Haste (and Improved Haste on your warriors if you've got it yet). Make sure that your protagonist + Nalia are armed with a variety of spells for de-buffing the dragon - especially Pierce Magic, Lower Resistance, Greater Malison, Breach - because he'll repeatedly put up various protections which you'll need to tear down. Also make sure that your protagonist + Nalia are armed with attack spells which can hit him ... Melf's Magic Missiles is good, but even plain old Magic Missile is also useful here once you've reduced his magic resistance. It's also useful if both of them have previously prepared a Spell Sequencer with some debuffs ... for example, I've found that Secret Word + Greater Malison + Spell Thrust can be a good way of blowing away some enemy protections in a hurry. Meanwhile Anomen can buff up with (for example) Holy Power, Righteous Magic and Draw Upon Holy Might. Don't forget to transform Cernd into his Greater Werewolf form.

    Then charge in, sending the summons slightly ahead so that they're likely to be targetted first rather than your own guys. Cernd's Greater Werewolf and Minsc should be able to hurt him in melee, as can your summoned help, Anomen can melee if he's well protected but in this case might be better off standing back and using a good Sling or perhaps casting something (e.g. Doom, Holy Smite), and your protagonist and Nalia will be busy chucking spells.

    You're high-enough level that you ought to be able to take him down. Fairly quickly, even.

    As for Neera ...
    visit the Bridge District of Athkatla. You may need to visit twice. Then you'll see a scripted scene where she's arguing with some enemies (but you can't intervene), and she'll leave ... but as soon as you leave the Bridge District, she'll appear again and explain where she's going (and leave again). Then when you go where she told you to meet her, you'll immediately be able to recruit her.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
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    Give yourself and Nalia Breach (level 5 mage spell). Have Anomen or Cernd cast Protection from Fire (3rd level priest spell) on everyone in the group.

    If you really want to be cheesy have either Cernd or Anomen cast Magic Resistance (level 5 spell) on Firkraag. This will actually end up lowering Firkraag's magic resistance to 30% (from 65%) meaning that your spells are more likely to be effective against him. A further casting of a mage spell like Lower Resistance will remove his magic resistance entirely (for the duration of these spells).

    Me Illutionist level 15 thief 16

    If you are playing a multi-class (and I'm assuming based on your previous posts here that you are) then this can't be correct (unless you haven't been leveling up or something).

    If Cernd is level 15 then he has access to a bunch of level 7 spells (and some kind of Higher Level Ability or spell that you would have chosen). Take advantage of those.
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  • Millerguy74Millerguy74 Member Posts: 44
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    elminster said:

    If you are playing a multi-class (and I'm assuming based on your previous posts here that you are) then this can't be correct (unless you haven't been leveling up or something).

    How is that incorrect i just kep fighting fights and i'm about to become a level 17 thief by like a few thousand exp so theres your explanation. wait never mind just realized that i was wrong sorry mr elminster sir

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  • YamchaYamcha Member Posts: 486
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    Miller, a lvl 15 Mage needs 1.875.000 XP, with that, the thieve should be lvl 18 and will hit lvl 19 and 20 even before the mage gets 16
  • Millerguy74Millerguy74 Member Posts: 44
    lol i know that now i loaded up my game and i said crap time to go apologize to elminster sorry
  • BlucherBlucher Member Posts: 110
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    Don't feel bad. I remember the first time I encountered Firkraag.

    I had a random group. And a dwarf fighter named Korgan I found at a bar in the slums who had (by the time I got to that point) over 100 hit points!!! ONE HUNDRED FREAKING HIT POINTS OMG!!! Unheard of to this PnP vet! I thought I was invincible!

    Well, Firkraag thrashed me arse. Over and over and over again. I had to leave him be, tail between my legs. And here I thought I was hot crap...

    EDIT: To this day, "Time to die manling!" sends shivers down my spine. Such an epic voice. To me, Firkraag is a REAL dragon. Not like these lame wanna-be dragons in MMOs like Onyxia...
  • SampieroSampiero Member Posts: 31
    vorpal hits and putting traps over and over is also a way
  • DungeonnoobDungeonnoob Member Posts: 315
    Isnt Neera that cute ogre you meet inside that circus tent?She need a weapon of some sort to transform her back to normal iirc.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313

    Isnt Neera that cute ogre you meet inside that circus tent?She need a weapon of some sort to transform her back to normal iirc.

    You are thinking Aerie. Neera is a wild mage NPC added in BG2EE.
  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    Oh yeah, Neera can be found in the Bridge district. She only shows up when you come to the exit/entrance right next to Aegisfield a 2nd time. Then when you leave the area, she'll show up again.
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