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A Toast and BIG, BIG, BIIIIIIG (Bigby's Big Thanks!) to YOU at Overhaul/Beamdog/Forums!

I would just like to thank all of the hard workers at Overhaul/Beamdog and all the official/unofficial hard workers on this Forum (And anyone else I'm not aware of!). You have revived an excellent game, one I've always had as my #1 game and played since I was a very young girl.

It's been a long journey for you all, and we've seen a lot of dark days; but you all remained strong in your decisions and have created an even brighter future for us all!

The years have not been easy, but you've all come out on top and made the game absolutely perfect! It's put a smile on my face where I previously thought I would never see Baldur's Gate revived and smile again. You've all put a massive smile on this girl's face, and words truly cannot describe how much that means to me. I jump up and down just seeing the revamped interface; Not to mention the new MASSIVE new content added to this game! And every day this game continues to grow even bigger and better with all sorts of mods for those who want them and bug fixes. It's so incredibly amazing to have a company actually listen to bug fixes directly and have a minority represented amazingly.

I'm happy to call myself a member of this community, knowing there are such amazingly talented, beautiful people, intelligent, diverse people here who care for this game and it's community. :) If I could, I would be hugging each and every single one of you for being such joyous people and to repay you all for the hardships and hard work you've all been through and done! I wish I could repay you all more than just sitting here writing up my (somewhat long haha, I mean, definitely long, thanks haha!) thanks and being a customer to help support the future of this game.

Absolutely freakin' amazing work everyone. I'm proud of you all and I love the fact each and everyone of you is adding as much as you can! You're all bloody amazing! <3

P.S. Sorry I'm just so freakin' happy and I never took the time to actually thank you all. You all have made this lonely girl not feel so lonely and finally seen the shinier side to the coin. :) Seriously, it's putting a tear in my eyes haha. Ah! Big glomps to you all!! OKAY IM DONE HAHA STOP TYPING CINNAMON!

~Cinnamon <33333



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